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DANZIGER Impatiens Harmony Colorfall

Impatiens Sol Luna A hybrid impatiens that works in sun or shade and loves the heat, Sol Luna has controlled growth and occupies less valuable bench space compared to other large landscape varieties creating a product ideal for market baskets and 4.5-inch containers. The four 2021 introductions contain bright colored flowers with contrasting dark green foliage. Garden height is 12- to 14-inches, spreading to 16- to 18- inches. Osteospermum Osticade Yellow The Osticade series has a controlled, trailing habit perfect for baskets. The new introduction shows off a strong yellow color with a dark eye. Osticade do not require cooling for flower development allowing for simpler crop planning alongside other greenhouse crops. No PGRs are required to obtain the natural mounded habit.

Verbena Venessa Bicolor Indigo Vanessa is everything you want in a verbena. The series is screened for mildew tolerance and reduced cycling creating a plant that lasts through the summer. Bicolor Indigo boasts a deep purple center surrounded by white creating a bold statement.The mounding/trailing habit lends itself to containers, baskets and landscapes. Eight outstanding colors are now available.

Danziger reinvents the basket hybrid impatiens with breakthrough breeding in a new trailing habit. This large-flowered series starts with four colors and will be production friendly, finished with one cutting per 10-inch basket. Mature height is 14- to 16-inches with a spread of 16- to 18-inches.

Verbena Vanessa Bicolor Indigo

Impatiens Harmony Colorfall Light Coral

Petunia Hippy Chick Violet Hippy ChickViolet is a standout with its uniquely shaped, violet-colored flower rimmed in bright white. This vigorous petunia is a great addition for premium baskets or in combinations. Finishing height is 10- to 12-inches with a spread of 12-inches.

Osteospermum Osticade Yellow

Petunia Hippy Chick Violet

Impatiens Sol Luna Pink

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