London-Tucson 2022


Since then, she has visited America several times a year on leisure trips, and later for research in connection with “Remembering The Ladies”. Ann served as a Justice of the Peace in the South West for 20 years. A keen beekeeper since her move to the South West, current hobbies include travelling and writing. She is a published writer (UK County magazines and Health Service Journals) and once ran a regular newspaper column, called “Health Matters”, in a local Devon weekly newspaper. She was until recently the editor for the “Decorative and Fine Arts Society Costa del Sol”. When Ann was widowed suddenly in October 2016 she suffered deep grief for a long time. During this period her greatest solace was to continue with her writing and to complete the novel that her husband, John, had encouraged her to write. Following publication of “Remembering The Ladies” and “Jane Appleton Pierce, First Lady,” both Ann and John had felt that sufficient background of the 19th century way of life in the U.S.A. had been garnered to enable her to write a story of family life within that era. Though Ann and her husband had divided their time between homes in Spain and England, with frequent visits to the U.S.A., Ann now lives permanently in the glorious countryside of South West England, though maintains links with the many U.S. friends she made during her research time. She intends to carry on travelling to the U.S. in the future. Ann’s novel “The Other Angel” was published in New York on 29 February 2019.


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