London-Tucson 2022


REMEMBERING LADIES: WHAT IT’S ALL ABOUT? In the 20th century and in this new 21st century, First Ladies have been immortalized under a blazing media spotlight. America’s First Lady is as well known as her husband due to world- wide modern technology. In the 19th century, however, it was difficult for the public to even know who the president’s wife was. Even today it is not easy to call to mind those pioneering First Ladies, many of whom were burdened with misfortune and ill health. They are a group of women who have been largely forgotten however – and not because their contributions were less or their lives less colourful. This compendium of individual stories brings these extraordinary people to life. Many were thrust into a political arena that was not always supportive. The book provides an insight into the lives of the 19th century First Ladies, in an undemanding, easy-to-read style, and aims to raise awareness of the historical significance of these women. Their abridged stories, sometimes joyful, sometimes sad, range from slavery, bigamy, duels, royal snubs, European conflicts, American wars, assassinations, suffrage, personal courage and the cruelty of gossip and rejection. It demonstrates how they might be seen as victims of history. The image of these trailblazers is one of remarkable spirit, loyalty and stamina and indicates a group of dedicated citizens, who deserve to be remembered. The text includes a basic review of the restricted evolution of the First Lady role during the first hundred years. The aim is that the book will encourage foundational study in colleges and schools, and inspire anyone who is interested in presidential history to deeper levels of publications and study. EC


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