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Idylio by Apreda

Er Buchetto


salt cod fillets that are dipped in egg battered, fried, and wrapped to go in paper cones. Dar Filettaro is the best place you can have them. But if dessert is your favorite part of the meal, ZUM is the place for you. This is the home of the tiramisù where, besides the classic recipe with homemade ladyfingers dipped in coffee, you will find on the menu also flavors like hazelnut, berry, rum. Other street food suggestions in the city center include: Supplizio, the master of supplì (a fried rice ball) which offers classic and seasonal supplì, like supplì cacio e pepe (pecorino cheese and black pepper), supplì all’arrabbiata (rice cooked with spicy tomato sauce), supplì al burro e acciughe (butter and anchovies). The already mentioned Pizzarium if you are craving pizza, but by the slice. Il Maritozzo Rosso, which

Another classic of Roman street food is porchetta, a kind of savory and fatty pork roast, which is traditionally eaten with bread, so you have panino con la porchetta. Er Buchetto, an iconic and family run shop, will make you taste the best porchetta in town. If you’re meat-oriented there’s another great Roman option: pizza con la mortadella. Now, mortadella is an Italian sausage flavored with black pepper grains or pistachio, and if you cut it in slices and put it between two freshly baked pieces of white pizza, you’ll have something magic. If the description made you curious enough, you should write down also Forno Campo De’ Fiori, a bakery of old tradition. It would be a shame not to try also the pastries and the cakes from this place. Another star dish of the Roman street food is filetti di baccalà, flaky

serves small loaves cut in half and stuffed with savoury and gourmet combinations like crispy guanciale and cacio e pepe. RESTAURANTS. As mentioned before, Roman traditional cuisine is unpretentious but delicious: the surviving food tradition is that of its peasants. In the city center you will find boundless backstreets of convivial and rustic trattorie where you will taste the best Roman dishes. Abbacchio allo scottadito, marinated and then roasted lamb, is one of them. One of the best places that offer this, and many other dishes from the Roman tradition, is Checchino dal 1887, in the heart of the Testaccio district. L’Arcangelo is another place to have on the list, close to the Vatican. It’s an intimate and cozy tavern run by the same owner and chef of Supplizio’s.


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