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Armando al Pantheon


If you like artichockes, you cannot miss the carciofi alla giudia: it is among the best-known dishes of Roman-Jewish cuisine (essentially, deep-fried artichokes). It is a specialty of the Roman Ghetto in the city center, where the dish is served by Jewish restaurants in the springtime. Ba’ghetto, the oldest Jewish restaurant in the Capital, with a strictly kosher vision of food, is where you want to go. If you are more the contemporary dining kind of person, there are some options for you as well. Retrobottega offers a new Italian cuisine in the heart of the city center, with special attention towards raw materials and a tight bond with the Earth and the seasons. Antico Arco has a fascinating view over the city, a wine list that covers over 1200 labels from all over the world, and a menu that includes vegetarian and

This restaurant proposes traditional Roman cuisine but with a personal touch. If you like it simple but tasty, try pasta all’amatriciana, based on guanciale, pecorino, and tomato. The same dish is also one of Armando al Pantheon’s specialties. In this historic place, you will find a rich menu from the traditional Roman cuisine. Felice a Testaccio is the perfect trattoria to have cacio e pepe: pasta with pecorino romano and black pepper. Again, in Testaccio, you don’t want to miss a superb dish like carbonara. Velavevodetto, described as the epitome of Roman pasta, serves the most velvety carbonara in Rome, and a divine version of cacio e pepe. The place is not only about the food: the terracotta walls, the lighting, the veranda and the outside environment will make your dinner intimate and magical.

gluten free options.

Zia has a strong contemporary design element: their vision was to create a stage for their dishes and they translated this concept into a minimalistic room and environment – so to avoid any distractions from the dish they serve. Finally, the Idylio by Apreda restaurant, recently awarded with one Michelin star, is a real gourmet enclave that offers a wonderfully intimate atmosphere. Here, Mediterranean flavors blend with the international spirit of a big city like Rome. Other notable mentions include: Da Enzo al 29, a trattoria in the beautiful Trastevere district, serving excellent Roman cuisine. Hosteria Grappolo D’Oro, which follows the Roman tradition with a slow food philosophy and approach. Tram Tram is an interesting


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