London-Tucson 2022


MILLENNIUM BRIDGE, THE SCENE OF THE DEATH EATERS´ ATTACK The film Harry Potter and the Half- Blood Prince opens with a dramatic scene in which London’s Millennium Bridge collapses due to a Death Eater attack on broomsticks. Fortunately, this steel suspension bridge has survived in real life and still connects the Bankside with the City. If you walk over this pedestrian bridge to the City from the south, you have a

beautiful view of St. Paul’s Cathedral. Make sure to visit the cathedral as well. The spiral staircase of St. Pauls’ Cathedral was used in the film Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban where it served as a staircase leading to Professor Trelawney’s classroom. In any case, the cathedral is worth a visit. Not only is it beautiful inside, but you also have a great view of London! The cathedral is located in the extension of the Millennium Bridge.


EC Magazines | London-Tucson Edition 2022

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