London-Tucson 2022

GREAT SCOTLAND YARD - THE MINISTRY OF MAGIC After having had a bus ride on the purple Knight Bus, our next stop is an important one: the Ministry of Magic. It can be reached by visitors via a payphone. A telephone booth has been placed at Great Scotland Yard for the film. Harry, along with Ron’s father Arthur, used this visitor

unicorns, or dragons here. In Harry Potter and the Philosopher ’s Stone, Harry finds out in the Reptile House of the London Zoo that he can speak to snakes. The so-called Parseltongue. Stop by for a visit and try to strike up a conversation with a python or one of the 650 other species of mammals, birds, arthropods, reptiles, amphibians, and fish.

entrance to get to the courtroom. The telephone booth has been placed there especially for this scene. This location has also been used as a filming location in later films. We head north afterward towards Regent´s Park. The city park is home to the London Zoo. No, don´t expect to see any magical creatures such as a Hippogriff,


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