Parks, Recreation and Trails Master Plan


Nature/Soft Surface Trail : Soft surface trails can take many forms. Most often a natural mulch or loose aggregate fill can be used for nature trails through wooded areas where paving would be cost prohibitive as well as detrimental to the natural atmosphere. This trail type is not intended to be a commuter trail or linkage to other parks, rather a low impact experiential trail to bring users closer to nature. The layout will usually be a looped system within a park or existing natural area.

Bike Trail: Bike trails are generally placed along the roadways to allow for safe and efficient travel for bikers away from the flow of traffic. Ease of travel within neighborhoods and between neighborhoods are a goal of most bike lanes, especially for younger residents who may utilize bikes as their primary mode of transportation.


City of DeSoto - 2020 Parks, Recreation, Open Space & Trails Master Plan

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