Parks, Recreation and Trails Master Plan


The Future Trail Map shows the intentions of creating a connected system of off street, shared use trails throughout DeSoto. Currently the City has a large amount of sidewalks that connect many neighborhoods within DeSoto. The City lacks a more connected trail system away from the typical sidewalks for the City as a whole as well as a lack of bike trails. In addition DeSoto does not currently have a well designed trail network connecting the City to neighboring municipalities. The Future Trails Map seeks to address many of these shortcomings in the following ways: • Connecting the existing trail system to create a cohesive network that allows for travel through several parts of the city and travel between neighborhoods. • Connecting the existing trail system to more parks to allow for travel between parks along with ease of access to parks from neighborhoods. • Expanding the number of bike paths throughout the city and beyond. • Connecting the existing trail system to neighboring cities at specific junctions.


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