Parks, Recreation and Trails Master Plan


Prioritization of Needs and Action Plan The importance of a Parks, Recreation Open-Space and Trail Master Plan reaches fruition at the point of implementation. These priorities and action plan are the response and recommendations based on the information addressed in the previous chapters. To prioritize these needs, public input, as well as the needs assessment and standards, are taken into consideration. The recommendations in this action plan were prioritized based on the following criteria: • Need based on direct citizen input (demand-based)

• Need based on assessments and standards (standard-based) • Opportunities based on existing conditions (resource-based) • Industry trends/experience of consultants Strategy

The implementation strategy is utilized to address the highest priority actions within the next five years. Once the action items are prioritized, it is then determined which category each recommendation falls under: • Short-Term Implementation – highest-priority recommendations to be initiated or completed over the next 1-5 years • Medium-Term Implementation – recommendations to be initiated over the next 5-10 years • Long-Term implementation – recommendations to be initiated in 10 years or longer By following this strategy, recommendations can be addressed and implemented as funding and support become available. Short-Term - Action item recommendations, such as restroom facilities, park pavilions, and connectivity of existing trails, may be more feasible in the near future. Medium-Term - Addressing the need of a new Recreation Center, Senior Center, and Aquatic Center may be easier to consider from a funding and operation standpoint over a longer period of time but still soon enough to meet public requests. Long-Term Implementation - Recreation areas such as a fishing lake or new/improved parks and water parks might be a longer-term goal as they are not as high in demand.


City of DeSoto - 2020 Parks, Recreation, Open Space & Trails Master Plan

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