Healthy: Fall 2021

LaBlast® Dance Fitness



Crystal Ballroom Dance Center Staff LaBlast® Dance Fitness is ballroom dancing partner free. Follow along as the instructor dances to various genres of music from Fred Astaire to Dua Lipa. Open to both new and skilled dancers, adjust your movements to your comfort level and enjoy this 45-minute Zumba style dance and fitness session led by Brittany Vance with the Crystal Ballroom Dance Center. No class Nov. 27 Ages: 18 & up Class Date Day Time Fees CR SDR/NR 445200.01 Sep 11-Oct 16 Sa 9:30-10:15am $50 $60 445200.02 Nov 6-Dec 18 Sa 9:30-10:15am $50 $60 Location: DCRC, Classroom C

In Motion with Mary Mary Curtis Do you wish your mobility was better and your stride more confident? Then check out ‘In Motion with Mary’ for adults who want to maintain or improve mobility and confidence. This mixed level group focuses on balance, core strength, walking, voice and coordination exercises with moderate heart rate elevation. Designed specifically for movement and the normal effects of aging and inactivity. No class Nov. 26 Ages: 18 & up Class Date

Ballroom Basics


Crystal Ballroom Dance Center Staff Join Cedric Eaton from the Crystal Ballroom Dance Center to learn the basics of six ballroom dances: Cha-cha, Rumba, Swing, Waltz, Tango, and Foxtrot. This program is designed specifically for individuals with regular partner rotations so you develop skills in leading, following, and social dance etiquette. Each week introduces a few basic steps to build from and practice. Have fun, be active and see you on the dance floor!

Day Time


456106.01 Sep 10-Oct 15 F 456106.02 Oct 29-Dec 10 F Location: DCRC, Fitness Studio 1

1:30-2:15pm $65 1:30-2:15pm $65

$75 $75



Movement with a Twist Tasya Lacy This high-energy, active program

is an amazing way to express yourself, move your body, and feel free! Hula hooping is a safe and fun way to burn calories & body fat, improve your balance, strengthen your muscles, and

boost your cardiovascular fitness. Bump up the fun factor in your life and try this new program! Give Tasya five minutes and she WILL have you hooping. Limited space available so tell a friend and register before it fills up. Fee includes weighted hoop rental for each class. No class Oct. 14 & Nov. 25 Ages: 18 & up Class Date Day Time Fees CR SDR/NR 444118.01 Sep 16-Oct 21 Th 5:30-6:25pm $75 $85 444118.02 Nov 4-Dec 9 Th 5:30-6:25pm $75 $85 Location: DCRC, Fitness Studio 1

No class Oct. 27 & Nov. 24 Ages: 18 & up Class Date

Day Time


445201.01 Sep 29-Nov 3 W 445201.02 Nov 10-Dec 15 W

7-8pm 7-8pm

$75 $75

$85 $85

Location: DCRC, Talla 2


Healthy Fall 2021

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