Healthy: Fall 2021


Pilates Beginner


Janine Zielinski Bring a fresh approach to your workout by training on the Pilates reformer machine. Our Allegro reformers, complete with towers and accessories, provide an endless array of functional exercises that will help you develop strength, flexibility, coordination and balance. If you have not used the Pilates reformer before, please start with this Beginner level class to learn specific skills needed to progress through the class levels. Learn to set up the Pilates reformer machine as well as proper body alignment and breathing techniques. Participate in exercises that are meant to increase spinal flexibility and core strength. Additional equipment such as spine supporters, boxes and fitness rings may be incorporated. There are no make-up classes offered, unless a class is canceled by the DCRC. Ages: 18 & up Class Date Day Time Fees CR SDR/NR 474100.01 Sep 7-Sep 28 Tu 10:30-11:20am $64 $74 474100.02 Oct 5-Oct 26 Tu 10:30-11:20am $64 $74 474100.03 Nov 2-Nov 16 Tu 10:30-11:20am $48 $58 474100.04 Dec 7-Dec 21 Tu 10:30-11:20am $48 $58 Location: DCRC, Classroom C

Pilates Basics & Beyond Andrea Lehmann, Carrie Isabelle

Concentrate on the basic Pilates reformer exercises in this mixed-level class. Beginners are welcome and those with more experience will do the same series of exercises but are challenged by digging deeper into the core connection. Ages: 18 & up Class Date Day Time Fees CR SDR/NR 474101.01 Sep 13-Sep 27 M 9-9:50am $48 $58 474101.02 Oct 4-Oct 25 M 9-9:50am $64 $74 474101.03 Nov 1-Nov 15 M 9-9:50am $48 $58 474101.04 Nov 29-Dec 13 M 9-9:50am $48 $58 474101.05 Sep 8-Sep 29 W 6:30-7:20pm $64 $74 474101.06 Oct 6-Oct 27 W 6:30-7:20pm $64 $74 474101.07 Nov 3-Nov 17 W 6:30-7:20pm $48 $58 474101.08 Dec 1-Dec 15 W 6:30-7:20pm $48 $58 Location: DCRC, Classroom C

Pilates - Intermediate Andrea Lehmann

Gain challenging options for the exercises covered in the beginner class and movements that require greater core strength, flexibility and balance. Expand your repertoire using the boxes, fitness rings and learn to use the towers. This level includes many exercise options. You may take this level several times and continue to learn new movements. Completion of a beginner level class is required to register for this level. Ages: 18 & up Class Date Day Time Fees CR SDR/NR 474200.01 Sep 6-Sep 27 M 10-10:50am $64 $74 474200.02 Oct 4-Oct 25 M 10-10:50am $64 $74 474200.03 Nov 1-Nov 15 M 10-10:50am $48 $58 474200.04 Nov 29-Dec 13 M 10-10:50am $48 $58 Location: DCRC, Classroom C


Healthy Fall 2021

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