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Valentine’s Day isn’t just for adults. Let your kids know they are the most important loves in your life with these sweet, inexpensive ideas that the whole family can enjoy! Your children will remember these traditions for years to come. Make a special Valentine’s Day breakfast. Guess what? Pink pancakes, pink milk, and even pink eggs are a thing! With strawberry milk, food coloring and strawberries in the pancakes, and food coloring in the eggs, you’ll have an effortless and special breakfast for the little ones. Tip: Set the table the night before after the kids go to bed to make serving Valentine’s Day breakfast easier the next morning. Create Valentine’s Day cards for each kid. Tell your children all of your favorite things about them with their own personalized cards. There are so many ways you can get crafty with construction paper and glitter. Your kids are sure to love getting mommy-made or daddy-made one- of-a-kind valentines. Bake Valentine’s Day goodies together. What’s better than baking with your little ones? If you are short on time, you can find premade dough, usually with a Valentine’s Day theme. Or, you can try out your skills with

heart-shaped cookie cutters and sprinkles. It can get messy, but it’s certainly worth it! Wrap up a small Valentine’s Day gift. Whether it’s a Valentine’s Day outfit, candy, a teddy bear, or a necklace, it doesn’t have to be big or costly! Your children will enjoy feeling the love, and they’ll be excited to get something new. Don’t forget to have fun with the wrapping! Most stores have Valentine’s Day gift bags and wrapping paper around this time of year.

Your baby valentines have stolen your heart — make sure they know it by spreading the love! Happy Valentine’s Day!

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prepare food for their clients and may not have the same training to do so. Also, caregivers often have intensive schedules and cooking puts a heavy burden on them. When it comes to providing food for clients, many caregivers have the same philosophy we do: When you really care about someone, how do you treat them? For us, we don’t want you to get addicted to our food. We want our food to nurture you, physically and even mentally (from the happiness of eating delicious food!). I hope you get a chance to spread awareness for American Heart Month. I believe a heart-first attitude is what will keep us happy, healthy and strong as Americans for many years to come, one meal at a time.

At October Kitchen, one of our top-selling food categories is our heart-healthy dishes, which include a majority of what we prepare. We offer this healthy variety because I don’t want our customers to feel like they have to eat unhealthy food to enjoy their food. I’m proud to serve healthy, delicious meals, especially to our seniors, whether they live at home or in assisted living facilities. We work closely with seniors and caretakers to ensure they receive the nutritionally valuable food they need. I can’t tell you how proud I am when I hear stories from clients about how they’ve gotten great

feedback from doctors, manage to lose weight and even stop taking one of their blood pressure prescription medications due to their healthy diet with October Kitchen. It’s also a huge blessing to work directly with caregivers who, without us, are often forced to

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