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As Determined by Food Experts and the Public 3 TOP RESTAURANTS IN CONNECTICUT It’s important to make food a regularly healthy event, but when you want a restaurant experience, there’s no harm in occasionally treating yourself to the very best. According to the Connecticut Restaurant Association (CRA), here are some of the best restaurants in the state! Millwright’s 77 West St., Simsbury MillwrightsRestaurant.com (860) 651-5500 As the winner of the CRA’s Restaurant of the Year

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it makes you feel like you’re on vacation.” For the first time since being founded eight years ago, this getaway was honored as Restaurant of the Year in its region by the CRA. With no shortage of competition in New Haven’s thriving food scene, this impressive Mediterranean restaurant will wow you and your loved ones. Oyster Club 13 Water St., Mystic OysterClubCT.com (860) 415-9266 The Oyster Club’s secret weapon to winning the east region’s Restaurant of the Year award three times in a row is simple: trusting your team and sourcing food locally. They get a quarter of their produce from a local farm that owner Daniel Meiser partially owns. In traditional fashion, the restaurant also does its own preserving, dehydrating, curing and pickling in late summer and early fall. The menu changes daily, and dishes are prepared as fresh and new as they can make them. Give it a try! We hope you enjoyed learning a bit more about these amazing local restaurants. Check them out sometime!

statewide award (twice!), you’re sure to enjoy dining at Millwright’s. Chef Tyler Anderson has an incredible team — the winner of Best Pastry Chef of the Year, Kristin Eddy, also works at Millwright’s. Anderson shared in an interview with Hartford Courant that “there’s nothing wrong with owning a hot dog stand, but I would have a hot dog stand if it was just me.” Their menu changes daily, but their refreshing take on American classics, such as chicken and dumplings made with smoked chicken and ricotta gnocchi, is sure to delight! Viron Rondo Osteria 1721 Highland Ave., Cheshire VironRondoOsteria.com (203) 439-2727 When you arrive at Viron Rondo Osteria, it feels like you’ve escaped Connecticut and landed somewhere else. Owner Viron Rondo says, “The interior reminds people of New York and the exterior reminds them of the Mediterranean. Guests’ first response is that




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