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Why I Love Halloween Costumes, Candy, and Celebrations Fill My October

As a dentist, it might surprise some of my patients to know that Halloween is my favorite holiday. At one point, I gave out candy in the office, but this year we are hosting a pumpkin-decorating contest that I cannot wait to see. My love of this spooky holiday stems from my childhood. Growing up in Texas in the 1970s, I was a tomboy living in a neighborhood, while my best friend lived out in the country. Every Halloween she would come over, we’d get dressed up, and she and I would go trick-or-treating together. It’s a tradition I still love and reminisce about. (Fun fact: That same best friend is actually a dental hygienist now. Great minds think alike, I suppose.) My costumes were always my own creation, but every once in a while, my mom would try to see if there was any way I might convert to being more “girly.” She would buy me patent leather shoes, for example, and I’d always end up wearing my cowboy boots. On one particular Halloween, instead of wearing the beautiful Cinderella costume my mom had bought me, I put on a football T-shirt, a helmet, and some cowboy boots. Not sure if a cowboy/football-player mashup is a real costume, but there was no way I was going to wear that ITCHY dress. My family wasn’t surprised at all; they knew it was just like me to do something like that. Now it’s a funny story for us all. When I became a parent, my love for the holiday only grew, thanks to the people who lived nearby. As soon as we moved into our Texas community, the neighbors let us know about our street’s famous Halloween traditions. Traffic would be backed up trying to get into our neighborhood, and kids from all over would swarm. We had a reputation for being the best neighborhood to scrounge up treats, and we had to keep the tradition going. There’s something magical about watching your neighborhood light up with

parents and giddy kids from all across your community.

And, as if I needed another

reason to love the Halloween season, my eldest son’s birthday is in October. This

provided us with some great party themes over the years. We’d have the whole family

and a bunch of friends over and have music, a popcorn machine, a barbecue, and even a bounce house. To make it even sweeter, my father and father-in-law also both celebrate birthdays in October. Now that my kids are adults, they’re navigating Halloween on their own. My 25-year-old is getting excited about decorating and celebrating the holiday as a homeowner, while my youngest prepares to participate in one of Austin’s biggest celebrations. Since my husband and I moved in March, we’re not sure what to expect for Halloween this year. But if it’s anything like the wonderfully warm welcome we received upon coming here, we know we’re in for a great experience to add to our already-extensive memories of the holiday.

So, happy Halloween, and don’t forget to brush after enjoying your favorite treats!

–Dr. Valerie Drake

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