Steele Saddle Tree Catalog 2023

Our Commitment

Shop and crew of Steele Saddle Tree Company Circa 1900

As with every consumer based manufacturer, we aim to please the customer. However, we face the question of which customer: Saddlers, our direct customer; riders, our indirect customers; or horses, our incidental customers? Displeasing any of the three is not an option. Therefore we aim to please the ‘customer’ we have identified as an equal partnership between the saddlers who build the saddles, the riders who buy and ride them, and the horses who wear them. Our goal is to enhance and improve the experience of all three. We achieve this by providing timely delivery of consistent and accurate saddle trees; by developing and offering the variety of fits and styles necessary for today’s broad spectrum of horses, riders and disciplines; and by continuing to apply and utilize new technologies and materials as they become available. Our commitment to serving the partnership is the sustaining force enabling us to remain at the forefront of the western saddle tree industry for more than a century and a half. ‘Serving the partnership’ means that Steele Saddle Tree will not make a change for the convenience of either the saddler or rider if doing so is a detriment to the horse. There are vast numbers of saddlers, riders and horses who interact and combine in innumerable ‘partnerships’, each with its own specialized interests. We provide for this disparate assortment of wants and needs with the extensive variety of styles and fits available in each of our product lines. If we don’t currently offer exactly what you need or are looking for, we can tool it up, make the necessary modification, or even put your ideas into production.

Steele Saddle Tree, LLC adheres to principles and practices established in the industry prior to the advent of the automobile. In those times competition was primarily between alliances or teams of tree and saddle makers, not among individual tree makers vying for the same saddler customers. These ‘teams’ had generally much the same high volume items, but all tended to have areas in which they specialized. If you had a certain build horse or unique requirement, there was likely a saddler who specialized in that area and purchased their trees from a single tree maker. Catering to these specific markets required close cooperation between tree maker and saddler to the point of sharing proprietary information. At that time there was no worry of company secrets being revealed because the tree maker/ saddler team competed with other teams. Now, though there are no longer these ‘teams’ competing with one another, your proprietary specifications and styles are secure with Steele Saddle Tree, LLC because we understand and respect the need for confidentiality with each of our customers. We make available to all customers new styles and fits we develop or improvements that originate in the public arena. At the same time we do our best to provide each customer with unique combinations of fits and styles. We are here to serve the partnership of horse, rider and saddler. Insuring the well-being of all three has been our priority for six generations. We aim to provide the same quality service for generations more.

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