Steele Saddle Tree Catalog 2023


ABOUT OUR TREES O ur quality hand-crafted saddle trees are made of Southern Yellow Pine and laminated with quality plywoods. Self-designed and engineered lathes produce your tree parts from the same patterns for years to come, insuring consistency even decades into the future. All tree parts are then hand-trimmed, sanded and assembled to your specifications in jigs, resulting in every tree being square, level and symmetrical. All trees are assembled with industrial adhesives and fastened with multiple 2” staples on all joints; Roping and Ranching trees have additional 4” screws in each bar-to-fork joint. More strength upgrades are also available. Trees are once again sanded, if needed, to insure contours are smooth flowing before being covered in hand-laid 6 oz. fiberglass cloth. Both domestic and international orders are processed and shipped within 30 days from order date .

OUR SERVICES Steele Saddle Tree is proud to offer the following. 1. Quality Saddle Trees which are: • Built from patterns to your specifications in virtually any style and fit to the horse. • Produced in quantities and pricing to meet your needs, from individual custom-assembled trees to production orders of several hundred trees at a time. • Shipped across the U.S. and internationally. • Processed in a timely manner, shipping (except for the largest orders) within 30 days for flexible and standard fiberglass covered trees. • Stock trees are available for immediate shipment. 2. Saddle Tree Repair We can usually repair a broken tree by any manufacturer to stronger-than-original condition at less cost than a new tree, and you can know the original tree will fit the leather. Alternatively, if a new replacement is desired or needed, we have hundreds of patterns and will usually have a close if not identical match for most trees on the market.

3. Fit to the Horse

Your choice of dozens of available fits and even more variations on those fits. We also have a process for determining our best standard – or, if needed, customized -- fit for a particular horse.

1343 SADDLE TREE ROAD • ASHLAND CITY, TN 37015 • Office: 615-792-7171 • F ax : 615-657-4921 • email :

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