Protect your own health and the health of others

Decision Fact Sheet If you have COVID-19 symptoms

Follow the instructions on this poster to help you take the optimal decision for you and your close friends and family. Always use proper hygienic and preventive measures to avoid contamination. • Wash your hands frequently • Cough or sneeze into the crook of your elbow, onto your upper arm or into a paper facial tissue, not your hands • Keep your environment clean

Adults & children No fever (less than 38 °C/100.4 °F) but the following symptoms: • Sore throat • Blocked nose • -˜ˆvyià • Cough Adults at risk of severe respiratory symptoms • I have a fever higher than 38 °C/100.4 °F. • I am in an at-risk category for severe respiratory complications (senior or person with chronic cardiac >˜`ɜÀ«Õ“œ˜>ÀÞ«ÀœLi“Ã]ˆ““Õ˜i`iwVˆi˜VÞœÀ diabetes). Adults I have a fever and/or some of the following symptoms: • Sudden loss of sense of smell without nasal • Cough • ˆvwVՏÌÞLÀi>̅ˆ˜} • Extreme fatigue I am an elderly person with geriatric symptoms (loss of autonomy, falling, confusion onset, agitation or sluggishness, loss of appetite, extreme fatigue, etc.). Adults or children I have a fever higher than 38 °C/100.4 °F and one or more of the following: • Persistent and/or ˆ˜VÀi>Ș}`ˆvwVՏÌÞˆ˜ breathing • Blue lips • ˆvwVՏÌÞ“œÛˆ˜} • Fever (baby less than three months of age) • Somnolence, confusion, `ˆÃœÀˆi˜Ì>̈œ˜]`ˆvwVՏÌÞ staying awake • No urine for 12 hours congestion, with or without loss of taste

DECISION I probably have a cold and need to rest.

DECISION I stay at home and call the 1 877 644-4545 coronavirus hotline. Between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m.*

Follow instructions.

* Opening hours are subject to change.

DECISION Go to the emergency room immediately.

If help is needed, call 911.

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