Ruling the World - Student Workbook


Meet the Students

Meet the Organizationally-Challenged Students of U.B. Smart Middle School


Meet Chronically Disorganized Chris. On the outside he’s cool, he’s popular, he’s laid back. On the inside, he’s a bundle of nerves. His parents are always on him about his grades and think he’s a slacker. He barely keeps up with homework. He forgot his language arts book at home, so he brought his math book to class instead, hoping Ms. Readmore won’t notice. (She will.) His planner is open, but nothing’s written in it. This is not unusual for Chris. Some of his teachers think his head is as empty as his planner, but don’t be too sure! Chris’s errors: forgetting his book at home, not using his planner, missing assignments.

This is Scattered Sara. She’s bright, but just can’t seem to get organized. What are Sara’s errors? Check it out: While Ms. Readmore is instructing the class about Wednesday’s test, she’s busy chatting with her friend Polly. She’s written down the wrong date for the test, and hasn’t listened to anything her teacher’s said. She’s lost so many worksheets, assignments and permission slips, she’s beginning to think her backpack is a mysterious vortex, sucking her papers into another dimension. Sara’s errors: lost permission slip, wrong test date in planner, messy binder and backpack, distracted in class.


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