Ruling the World - Student Workbook


Meet the Students

Late Larry. Obviously, Larry is late for class. That might have something to do with the fact that his watch says it’s 10:00, but the actual time is 10:10. Last night he stayed up too late finishing his homework which, incidentally, has fallen out of his backpack. Five missing assignments have brought his grade in the class down to a D. Between football practice and flirting with cheerleaders, Larry thinks he has no time to get organized. As he approaches the classroom door he’s working on the excuses he’ll give Ms. Readmore when she asks why he’s late to class (again) and where his homework is (again). Larry’s errors: tardies, missing assignments, disastrous backpack conditions, lost homework, nasty homework habits. PRODUCT PREVIEW Say hello to Perfect Polly. Her hair is perfect. Her clothes are perfect. She

always looks super organized— like she’s got everything under control. But Polly has a dirty little secret: She’s a fake, a total poser. She’s totally dependent on her mother to keep track of her assignments and responsibilities. Her mom even edits her papers! Polly desperately wants to be more independent, but she’s terrified that without her mother’s “help,” she’ll crash and burn in one semester. Polly doesn’t know it, but her mother has a secret too: She’d like Polly to grow up and be more responsible. Polly’s errors: overdue library books, relying on others to keep track of her responsibilities (check out the reminder notes from Mom) and being so distracted in class that she’s missed out on directions about the test .

This is Jamal. He is shy and quiet. He rarely talks to teachers and doesn’t participate much in class. Although his grades are mostly average, Jamal is not at all an average student. He’s a total brainiac, but his abilities are hidden by his messy and misspelled work. Today Jamal is disappointed because he received a low grade on his paper. Why? Because it contains

misspelled words, punctuation errors and boring vocabulary. Unfortunately, Ms. Readmore can’t recognize the talents of this unassuming middle school genius because she can’t see past the mess and mistakes! The problem is, Jamal is too shy to ask for help! Jamal’s errors: poor quality written work; failing to ask for help; not participating in class. 11

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