Ruling the World - Student Workbook


The Journey Begins!

The Journey Begins with a Mysterious Map

The bell rings and Ms. Readmore dismisses her class. She asks Chris, Sara, Polly, Jamal and Larry to stay a few minutes longer. When the room clears, she gathers the five

disorganized students around her desk. She tells them that she is concerned because, although they are bright and caring students, their lack of work management and organizational skills are holding them back from achieving the success they deserve in middle school. Ms. Readmore explains that with good work management and organizational skills, they will get better grades, have more self-confidence, and


maybe even have more free time to do the things they really like to do! Ms. Readmore takes a key from her pocket, opens the top

drawer of her desk and removes a neatly rolled document. She opens it up and places it on her desk. Curious, the students draw nearer. To their surprise, it’s a map! But this map is unlike any map they have ever seen.

At the top is U.B. Smart Middle School, but they’ve never heard of the other places—The Middle School Tool Shed, The Homework Detective Agency and Motivation Mountain. Ms. Readmore explains that she has a special assignment for them. She is

sending them on a journey. It is a journey to success in middle school. They are to follow the map and along the way, discover the work management and organizational skills they need for success in middle school and beyond!


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