Ruling the World - Student Workbook


Tool Number 1: The Binder

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1. Standard vinyl or notebook style binders. How many? ___________________

Here’s a Goof-Proof Binder Shopping List that you can copy and use when you shop for your Goof-Proof Binder! You can also go to: to download and print this form!

2. Plastic subject dividers. One (1) plastic three hole-punched subject divider (with tab labels) for each class and activity on your list. (You’ll need about 7 or 8 of these.) 3. Plastic sheet protectors. Clear, top-loading standard weight sheet protectors. (You’ll need 50 or more of these!) 4. Binder paper. Wide-ruled. Buy extra binder paper to store in your desk at home. If you use graph paper for math, be sure to buy some. 5. Plastic pocket folder. A 2-pocket, three-hole punched (Poly Pocket) folder for each class and activity on your list.


6. One permanent marker (black) or a label maker.


First Stop: The Middle School Tool Shed

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