Ruling the World - Student Workbook


9. True or false? You can go to to download and print as many Goof-Proof Binder Shopping Lists as you need. a. True b. False 10. Select the correct order of binder inserts to assemble a Goof-Proof Binder: a. binder paper, subject divider,

7. If you use single subject binders, you will need _______ binder(s) for each class and activity. a. one b. two c. three d. three hundred 8. Papers should _____________ be shoved loose into your backpack or locker! a. always b. never c. sometimes d. none of the above


2-pocket folder, sheet protectors. b. subject divider, sheet protectors, binder paper, 2-pocket folder. c. subject divider, 2-pocket folder, sheet protectors, binder paper. d. sheet protectors, subject divider, 2-pocket folder, binder paper.

How did you do? Check your answers on page 169.


First Stop: The Middle School Tool Shed

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