By David MacDonald W hen Revive Home Staging went live in the last quarter of 2013, Pam MacKinnon had the same reservations any fledgling entrepreneur does when they’re about to take flight. “My experience wasn’t dissimilar from a lot of first-time business owners,” she explained. “I had thought about it for years and I had always wanted to risk it – but it never felt like the right time. I’ve always been artistic and creative and spatial- ly-aware but it was only after selling my first house on the day it was listed that I knew I had the talent to transform a home to attract buyers.” Since Pam’s auspicious foray into Atlantic Canada’s premier housing market nearly five years ago, Revive Home Staging has been on the rise – figuratively and literally speaking.

realtors in the HRM. But the word is spreading out into Halifax County and beyond. I’ve had realtors from East Hants, which is a rapidly growing community not far from Halifax, seek us out. We continually receive recommenda- tions and a lot of referrals from clients and realtors we’ve worked with. A lot of clients have only seen my work online and many I’ve met through networking. I also credit part of my success to fellow professional stager and mentor Joanne Abrahams of Rave Re:View Home Staging and Redesign. Since we met, she has always been an excellent resource and we celebrate each other’s accomplishments.”

If you’re familiar with Pam’s work online, you’ve likely seen her home staging at King’s Wharf.

The harbour-side Euro-styled King’s Wharf buildings on “the Dartmouth side” feature a panoramic view of penin-

“We’re doing well,” Pam said. “I mostly work with local

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