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January 2018

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Goals for the New Year

2. What is something specific I can do that will help me take a step toward achieving that goal?

As we move into a brand-new year and many people scramble to keep their resolutions, I have been thinking a lot about how my own goals have led me to where I am today. Goal setting has had a dramatic impact on my life. For example, once, when I was a younger, I was looking at a picture of myself. I was struck by how short I was and that I was losing hair. I decided that if I was going to be short and bald, at least I was not going to be overweight and out of shape! I resolved to adopt a program of nutrition and exercise to stay in shape. I made a plan with specific steps to take and have generally stuck with it. Now, I get to the gym regularly, and while other people are snacking on chips or candy bars, I nibble on my trusty almonds. (My staff loves to make fun of me about those almonds). Over the years I have found an approach to goal setting that works for me. I call it the “Three Big Questions.” When I consider making a meaningful New Year’s resolution — or setting any goal — I ask myself these questions. 1. What is something I consider part of my mission in life? It has been said that most people who do not feel motivated and do not achieve their aspirations just have not found a goal that is inspiring enough for them. I think that is true. Choosing a goal that is truly important to me, something I have a real reason to achieve, keeps me motivated.

a schedule for taking action to reach that goal, the odds of success are not good. Telling myself that I will work on my goal when I get around to it usually means it will not happen. Using the “Three Big Questions,” one resolution I will be making for 2018 is based on our mission at Hearing Center of Long Island to improve people’s quality of life. We normally do this by providing customized products and professional services to improve our patients’ hearing and ability to communicate, but we want to help in any way we can. This year, I want to extend our positive impact further by providing useful, entertaining, and educational information that can help improve quality of life in many ways. This newsletter is one way to do that, though I have other plans in store, such as email updates and special reports. Stay tuned, and in the meantime, stick to those goals!

Dr. Larry keeping a New Year’s resolution

A goal without a specific strategy is really just a dream, not a goal. I find that even if I have to start by specifying very small steps toward a goal, it is much more productive than being vague. 3. When will I block out time to take specific steps toward my goal? Deciding on an inspiring goal and specifying steps I can take to reach it may make me feel good at first, but without

Happy New Year,

We’re listening to you.®

–Lawrence Cardano, Au.D.

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