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T he C hanging F ace of D iabetes Charles Mattocks and the Future of the Disease

When I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, it came as a shock. But more than that, it served as an eye-opening experience. I had a new perspective on life; and in the middle of it all, I realized I was in a position to help others and make a difference in their lives. “If my life is just for me, then I don’t want it.” These were the words of my late uncle, Bob Marley. Yes, the Bob Marley. For many, he’s remembered for making incredible and memorable music. For me, it goes much deeper. His memory and influence has been a profound inspiration in how I look at the world. Our time here is short, so why not give back and be remembered for something other than just ourselves? I’ve made it my mission to give back, educate, and share my experience with diabetes with the world. Millions of people around the world live with diabetes. Whether it’s Type 1 or Type 2, most of us know someone who is diabetic. Sometimes, it’s only a matter of looking in the mirror. The thing is, of those millions of people out there with diabetes, many don’t have someone fighting for them. They live with their condition, not getting the care they need or deserve. Or they haven’t been fully educated about treatment options that could potentially improve their quality of life.

different than what it was a decade ago. I’ve watched diabetic technologies and treatments change before my eyes, often for the better. One of those advancements is stem cell therapy. It’s a treatment that many people aren’t yet aware of. I took it upon myself to learn more about it, reaching out to NSI Stem Cell and eventually working with Dr. Vincent DePasquale and Dr. Eric Edgerton. The more I learned, the more I realized the potential behind the therapy. And then, I had the treatment, and it was amazing! In the following weeks, I went in for labs. My blood sugar had lowered to 5.7 mmol/L. This is nearly the level you would expect from someone without diabetes. Of course, I didn’t achieve these results with stem cell therapy alone. It was a combination of therapy with a change in diet and exercise. These factors came together to deliver astonishing results. As time goes on, and stem cell therapy becomes more prevalent, more people will realize just how much they’ll be able to benefit. Already, stem cell therapy is helping people get their lives back. All it takes is education. Dr. DePasquale, Dr. Edgerton, and all the fine people at NSI are dedicated to just that. They take the time to educate, explain, and give proper care to all their patients. Their enthusiasm

for stem cell therapy makes me excited to work with them. I personally admire all the work NSI does, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds! In the immediate future, however, I invite you to check out “Reversed” on the Discovery Life Channel this July. It’s the first diabetes docu-series, and it features NSI’s own Dr. DePasquale. This is a show I’ve wanted to bring to life for a long time to tell the stories of those struggling with diabetes. And now, it’s here, and I get to share it with you.

The science behind diabetes treatment is advancing every day. Treatment is

~ Charles Mattocks

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