Serious charges follow harassment complaint ACTUAL I TÉ • NEWS A Clarence Creek man faces several serious charges after Russell County OPP investigated a harassment complaint in Casselman.

Threats Police investigated a domestic distur- bance incident May 14 in the Notre-Dame Street area in Embrun. The OPP incident report states that twomenwere arguing and, at one point, one of the men made threats involving an ex-partner. The woman called police after she learned about the threats. A 34-year-old Embrunman is charged with two counts of uttering threats and is now scheduled for the May 27 provincial court session in L’Orignal. Car vandalism Police arrested an 18-year-old Ottawa youth on a charge of mischief for a value under $5000. The charge resulted from investigation of a May 13 complaint from the Burton Road neighbourhood in Russell. The complainant told police his vehicle was «keyed» while it was parked at a local gas station. The accused, name not released, is scheduled for the June 10 provincial court session in L’Orignal. Drug bust Two Ottawa youths havemutual appoint- ments in provincial court in L’Orignal on June 24. Kaden Dallaire, 18, and Jordan H. Quesnel, 18, are each charged with pos- session of marijuana in amounts less than 30 grams. The charges resulted after OPP stopped a speeding vehicle onHighway 417 near Limoges. A search of the vehicle tur- ned up the marijuana each occupant had in possession.

Awoman in the Brebeuf Street neighbou- rhood of Casselman phoned police May 21 to complain about her ex-partner harrassing her.The investigation turned up other com- plaints against the accused. A 61-year-old Clarence Creekman, name withheld, is now charged with break-and- enter with intent to commit an indictable offence, sexual assault, and criminal harass- ment. He is scheduled for the June 3 provin- cial court session in L’Orignal on the charges. Harassment A 21-year-old Casselman woman is char- ged with criminal harassment and attemp- ted obstruction following police investiga- tion May 22 of a complaint from a man on Principale Street in Casselman. He claimed that his ex-partner was harassing him, inclu- ding spying on himon a regular basis while he was at home.The accused woman, name withheld, is scheduled for the June 17 ses- sion of provincial court in L’Orignal. Bail violation Tate Jocko, 25, of Limoges, is charged with failure to obey the conditions of a court order following police investigation of a bail viola- tion incident on Ottawa Street in Limoges. Police were told that the accused had left his residence without permission, contrary to his bail conditions. Jocko is scheduled for the June 3 provincial court session in L’Orignal.

Drunk in public A 28-year-old Embrun man was in the parking lot of the Embrun shoppingmall the evening of May 15 when he decided to use one of the storefront’s as amakeshift urinal. Police passing through the parking lot on patrol saw what he was doing and, after trying to talk to himabout his actions, ended up arresting him when he began yelling at them. He was held over for the night at the de- tachment and released the next morning after he was ticketed under the Ontario Liquor Act for being drunk in public.

Refused breath test Parthan Amuthalingam, 32, of Cornwall, is charged with refusal to provide a breath sample for alcohol content analysis when requested. The charge resulted from a May 18 incident when police stopped a speeder on Highway 417 near Casselman. The OPP incident report states there was a smell of alcohol on the driver who refused to submit to a roadside screening test. Amu- thalingam is now scheduled for the June 3 provincial court session in L’Orignal. He is also charged with speeding and with having open liquor in his vehicle.

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