I created my first business and the first thing I didwas give a job to someone else. That’s the job of an executive and an entrepreneur.” –Ivan Anz but it was more important to him that he’d be helping this family. So Anz told the family that they could give him what they could for a down pay - ment, and he’d finance the lot for 10 years while the family paid him $500 a month as they built their home. “Seeing the entire family light up and the grin on their faces hit my heart,” Anz said. “They gave me my first moment as a Philanthroinves - tor ® . That was one of the most beau- tiful moments I had as an entrepre- neur.” After seeing how much joy Anz’s investment brought that family, he decided to bring the Philanthroinvest - ing ® model to the United States. He made his first business trip to the U.S. and met with friends in the real estate industry to figure out how he could do what he did with his private neighbor - hood in Argentina. From that meeting, Anz’s real estate Philanthroinvest - ing ® company was born using two key components—equity and help. These two qualities also became the name of his company, Equity & Help. “Individuals in 13 countries can grow capital while they’re helping families in the U.S. own their Hap- pyHome™,” Anz said. “I created the EasyHomes™ and HappyHomes™ programs because a major problem in the U.S. is that 51 percent of Ameri - cans don’t have access to a traditional mortgage.” Anz noted that more than half of

Americans not having access to a tra - ditional mortgage could lead to family instability. Children have a tough time maintaining friendships because their families often have to move because their landlord sold the property to someone who doesn’t want to lease it anymore. This leads to a lot of families constantly moving from one neighborhood to the next. “Another problem I found was that there are between 50,000 and 100,000

foreclosures a month in the U.S. It’s something I needed to learn more about to help improve the situation.” One tactic Anz learned was the Laws of Betterment—if he improved someone’s life, his would improve, too. Philanthroinvestor ® was essen- tially born from this philosophy—peo- ple investing money and time so they can engage emotionally to promote human welfare, all while earning a financial return.

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