The Case for Cause Capitalism


by Eddie Wilson

Capitalism: an economic and political system in which a country’s trade and industry are controlled by private owners for the highest profit, for the purpose of allowing the private owners to give back as they see fit to those in need both locally and globally. The state’s responsibility is not to govern but incentivize giving to needs that are most urgent. The differences are subtle but are worlds apart. Socialism brings mas - sive taxation and state control for the purpose of aiding those in need. That is what our forefathers rallied against. Cause Capitalism puts the emphasis on the government focusing on the needs of the people and finding incentives for those who have wealth to give to those in need. There are hundreds of ways to incentivize people to give. One great program that was started that has seeds of “Cause Capitalism” is the Opportunity Zone Program. Usually real estate investors would avoid areas of such decay, but now billions of dollars are being funneled into these areas to help clean up and rebuild some of the most blighted areas in our country. Where there are incentives, money follows. Some of what I have written so far may come across as utopianism, but there are things that we can do on a practical level even if the government

recent days we have heard many debates over Capitalism verses


Socialism. Summing up Capitalism from the Socialist point of view would be to see it as evil, self-serving, and greedy. The Socialist’s point of view would see it as the rich getting rich - er and the poor getting poorer. On the contrary, Socialism from the Capitalist point of view is nothing more than rob - bery. It is taking from those who work hard, sweat, and toil and giving it to those who do not work hard and expect something for nothing. No matter how you break down the argument we have seen that capital - ism has caused the growth of arguably the greatest nation the world has ever seen. While looking at all socialist governments we see ruin and failure. We cannot look past Russia, Venezuela, Cuba, and others. A few years ago I heard a friend of mine use the term “Cause Capitalism” and I began to adapt this ideology with all of my business ventures and it has made a massive impact on both my thinking and those who work with me. First, here is the definition of Capitalism: an economic and political system in which a country’s trade and industry are controlled by private owners for profit, rather than by the state. Here is my definition of Cause

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