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elcome to the first edition of Think Realty Magazine in 2021! It goes without saying how exciting a new year can be, but given all that happened last year, 2021 could very well bring more anticipation than ever. W

Our cover person couldn’t be more attuned to philanthropic

efforts—he even coined the term

“philanthroinvestor!” Ivan Anz with Equity & Help shares his story about how shifting his mindset to one

of giving brought him self-satisfaction and a more-than-sustainable business model. Everything changed for Anz when he morphed from an all-about-the-money mindset to a philanthropic focus. Read his inspiring story on page 14. And Think Realty’s CEO Eddie Wilson explains his phrase “Cause Capitalism” in our new Resident Expert feature. Each month, a Think Realty Resident Expert will write on an invaluable REI topic— just one of the additions to Think Realty Magazine in 2021! The Think Realty team is excited to kick off a new year with each of you and see what we can do when we are informed, inspired, educated, and empowered to help others.

Resolutions might look a bit different considering the uncertainty we have faced, but when it comes to the power of real estate, investors like YOU can be resolute in helping others while building your real estate investing businesses. And that is something to be excited about! The theme of this issue is Philanthropic Investing, and as monthly contributor Steve Streetman writes, shouldn’t all investments be philanthropic? We think so. This issue is packed with inspiring ways to give back while building your real estate investment business, which is, at the core, a people business. In fact, many entrepreneurs have found their business grows the more they give, bringing truth to the adage, “you get what you give.”

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