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R ob Barney, President of DHLC Investments, Inc. and owner of DHLC Mortgage, LLC, has been involved with real estate and real estate financing since 1998 when he bought his first investment property. Since then Barney has become a Realtor, rehabber, landlord, speaker, men - tor and a direct hard money lender. In these stressful times of COVID-19, now more than ever borrowers and capital investors both, need to know that their lending partner has the experience and com - mitment to guide them through uncertainty. DHLC suc - cessfully navigated through the real estate meltdown in 2007 and 2008 and because DHLC is not beholden to Wall Street for its capital, we can continue to provide a consis - tent source of capital to our borrowers and returns to our capital partners. When asked about DHLC’s focus, Barney stated, “Our focus is two-fold. 1.) Helping our 1st Deed of Trust Mort - gage Investors build a low-risk passive income by earning an 8-10% ROI with non-owner occupied fix-n-flip loans; and, 2.) Helping real estate investors (borrowers) fund and profitably rehab their fix-n-flip projects.” Barney does not view the business as transaction based, but rath - er a partnership between DHLC and its borrowers. “We really like to work with our borrowers to make sure they are making the right decisions for the right reasons. I personally guarantee every loan to my investors. So if a loan goes bad, I am the one that has to take it over and

solve the problem,” says Barney. “If the property doesn’t sell at foreclosure, then I may have rehab the property myself and sell it.” Barney has made every effort to instill these values in his team at DHLC. “I have a dedicated and reliable team that helps me look at every proper - ty as if it could be our own,” says Barney, who adds that this business approach has brought DHLC many new and long-time investors and borrowers. “They simply trust that we will do what we promise to do, it’s that simple,” says Barney. Whether flipping homes or lending money, both have the opportunity to change lives. Barney says it’s gratifying to give borrowers access to funds and investors a profit - able opportunity that gives them the ability to reach their financial goals and dreams. Barney spends his personal time working on the 501(c)3 he founded in 2016 to provide no-cost contractor services to individuals and families in times of crisis with housing needs. “Giving back in this business is essential and starting a charity has been a long-term vision of mine,” states Barney. He hopes to to areas outside of the Dallas market in the very near future. Barney is also a frequent guest lecturer at Collin Coun - ty Community College and Champions School of Real Estate. DHLC Investments, Inc., please visit: www.dhlc. com or contact us at We may also be reached directly at 214-501-5151. •


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