Everyone Gets toWin

by Gene Rife, President of Owner Finance Academy

O ur entire leadership team has spent close to $100,000 in real estate education and at the end of it, we learned that their education could never match the hype they used to sell us. In fact, this is true for the entire industry—about one percent of everyone that buys the education buys a house. Over a decade, our collective group of investors have cracked the code and learned how to buy houses with little or no cash, not using our own credit, and then sell those houses with owner financing, earning more than 150-200 percent profit on every house. The part we love the most is that everyone involved in the trans - action gets to “win.” We have built a very significant portfolio and now want to share our experience with anyone else that is ready to take control of their lives and the future for their family. We sat down and asked ourselves, what kind of training would we want

• affordable skip tracing program • monthly deep dives about marketing, client interaction, lead generation and more regular online ongoing support calls, for those in North Texas we will go out with you on your deals and show you how it works at the kitchen table (where we do most of our deals), and we will even pay you while you are being trained on these deals. During this phase of the training the company will provide all the funding for the deals and take all the risk as well. This is the only program of its kind anywhere. Other than the in-person boot camp, and “kitchen table” train - ing the entire program is available online. To make this available to as many people as possible, we have made all the programs extremely affordable. •

if we were starting today. And that is exactly how we designed our train - ing—to give you everything you could possibly need to succeed and if you do not, it is only because you did not follow our program and or did not try. The material is not presented from a high-level academic perspective, instead it describes in detail what you need to know when you are going out in the field and talking with the sellers and buyers. Our program includes • a 5-day in-person boot camp, all hands-on, application-oriented training using real-life deals as examples • almost 400 short videos explaining every aspect of the transaction • all the contracts and disclosures • best-in-class lead generation platform


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