Multifamily Smart Home Automation Solutions from SmartRent

by Demetrios Barnes, SmartRent

I n 2017, SmartRent set out to cre - ate software targeted specifically to the multifamily industry to allow users to manage an array of smart home devices and other third-par - ty software using just one platform. Today we are proud to offer an enter- prise solution that allows owners, operators and staff enhanced visi - bility, better control and increased efficiency in day-to-day property operations while providing residents the ability to manage multiple smart devices and enjoy the benefits of smart home automation using one app. With 70,000+ smart homes (and growing) installed across the Unit - ed States, SmartRent continues to expand its reach and develop robust product offerings and integrations for our clients. We’ve secured partnerships with industry leading investment funds, such as the Amazon Alexa Fund, which have provided addi - tional development and technology resources, enabling us to continue creating and offering new features. We continue to introduce indus - try-leading innovations, such as self-guided property tours and access control systems to enhance your return on investment and reduce common operational ineffi - ciencies that pain property owners and managers. In addition to our

mobile-friendly web platform, we also offer a native mobile appli - cation that allows property own - ers and staff to audit work orders, manage access, move residents in or out, and more, all from their mobile device. The SmartRent platform allows for efficient management of a suite of IoT devices that can be easily transferred to end users, which reduces the need for go-backs and warranty claims, adds value to your properties and provides an attractive upgrade for residents. SmartRent offers a wide range of solutions, including complete community-wide access control through a seamless keyless experi - ence and management dashboard; asset protection using smart sen - sors, alerts and notifications; prop - erty optimization utilizing automa- tions and scheduling features; the ability to offer self-guided tours for vacant units and more. RESIDENT BENEFITS The smart home automation industry has received an over - whelmingly positive response from consumers who experience effi - ciencies, such as energy and cost savings, through IoT devices. Many consumers already enjoy the ben -

efits of automation in their daily lives through connected devices like speakers, locks, doorbells, cameras, and thermostats, and this is just the beginning. Industry research esti - mates that by the end of 2023 there will be more than 6.4 billion smart home devices in use, accounting for approximately $157 billion in spend - ing. However, there is an inefficien - cy in these platforms: they require users to switch between multiple apps to complete IoT device-related tasks. In addition, renters are pre- cluded from enjoying the benefits of many of these devices because they are not able to install in homes or apartments they do not own. Smar- tRent tackles these issues head on by offering IoT devices and services for rental properties, enabling rent- ers to experience smart home bene - fits they are willing to pay a pre - mium for. In a recent study, 86% of renters indicated that they would be willing to pay more for a unit outfit - ted with automated or remote-con - trolled devices. With SmartRent, residents have access to the auto - mations and connectivity they desire and the ability to control their home through just one app. • Find out how you can turn your property into a connected commu - nity by contacting SmartRent today!


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