STRATEGY 56  Developing New Strategies

THINK REALTY 6  News & Events 8  Contributor Corner: Meet Ingo Winzer

Housing prices and student debt push builders to innovate by Bruce McNeilage

58  Impact Investing

Shouldn’t Every Investment Be Philanthropic? by Steve Streetman

INVESTOR STORIES 10  Success Story: Arianne Lemire

12  Presidents’ Circle

60  Tips to Investing in Vacation Properties Ensure your investment is all sunshine—for your guests and for your ROI by Jonathan Spears

Featured Members: Gabe Clements & Eitan Fishbein

FUNDAMENTALS 22  Make Millions with Private Lending

64  Self-Directed Fix and Flips

How self-directed deals can build funds by Lorraine Beato

How this source of capital can change your business and your life by Jason Engleman

66  How Tragedy Turned a Real Estate Meetup into Family

26 The Case for Cause Capitalism

It’s smart to invest in property, essential to invest in community by Ellis Hammond

A profitable, yet giving, business model is a win-win by Eddie Wilson

28 Cause Marketing

MARKETS & TRENDS 70  Market Spotlight: Dallas Price Bubbles and the “K” shaped recovery by Fred Heigold III

Devise a business model to benefit others and your bottom line by Shawn Tiberio

30 3 Steps for Renewing a Lease While Raising Rent Weighing the costs of rent increases can help retain tenants by Marin Scott 32  Profit First for Property Managers The best formulas for success can be surprising by Derek Seal

74  Markets & Trends On the Radar:

California Investor Exodus? by Aaron Norris

78  Recovery Prospects

Markets with a favorable renter outlook by Ingo Winzer

35 Sponsored Content: Investor Review

MINDSET 80  The 7 Steps to Financial Freedom

52  Giving Back Through REI

STEP 6: BUILD, GROW, and EXPAND your passive income by Gene Powers

Why philanthropy should be a core part of every REI business by Don Wenner

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