that it would take us over 12 years to accomplish it! We were continually adjusting our expectations and our plan and found it helpful to break the big goal down into smaller mile- stones that we could celebrate as we reached them. “The pessimist complains about thewind. The optimist expects it to change. The realist adjusts the sails.”

to support our desired lifestyle. We choose to work because we want to, and not because we have to. Breaking the journey down into the different levels allowed us to see and enjoy our progress and celebrate achievements sooner, thereby giving us more energy and motivation to finish the long journey to financial freedom. Next month I will cover the last step: ACCELERATE TO ZERO THE GAP and ENJOY! •

financial freedom sooner, you must plan an aggressive path toward it. As the timeline for our plan turned out longer than we anticipated, we learned along the way to set and celebrate our milestones. Your milestones should be customized to your plan. Ours were: Make a budget and stick to it. Make a profit in our new business buying our investment type for other investors and buy our own first investment. MILESTONE 1 MILESTONE 2 Enough passive and active income from our new business and investments to quit job #2!

—William Arthur Ward

You will begin this journey where you are with a certain amount of active income that you trade hours to earn, at a certain amount of debt, and with some amount of passive income that any savings earns “while you sleep” (even just bank savings interest). If you begin at age 20 or 30 and are willing to work another 30 years, you can build a nice passive income for retirement by saving, investing, and living within your means while work - ing a regular job. However, if you don’t have 30 years, or want/need

Gene Powers is President and Founder of Nationwide Secured Capital, a brokerage and investment company that purchases private loans secured by real estate for its own portfolios and

numerous private investors and funds. Nationwide provides cash out and recapitalization options to those receiving payments on first position private loans. This includes real estate investors/property owners who provided owner financing on properties sold. Call (800) 853-0573 or go to for offers. This article series outlines the 7 foundational STEPS that Gene and his wife learned in their jour- ney. They now travel extensively while co-author- ing a book further detailing these key steps in their journey to Financial Freedom. Email FFReadMore@ for more on this topic.

Enough ACTIVE &


PASSIVE income to match our previous hi-tech job incomes and enjoy our lifestyle. We were still working for active income in our business and our passive income was growing!

MILESTONE 4 Financial Freedom Achieved! Enough PASSIVE income

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