Blue Diamond Almond Facts March-April 2022

While the legislation is still being refined to address box rules, it also empowers the Federal Maritime Commission to hold foreign carriers accountable for refusing exports. The Ocean Shipping Reform Act would: • Prohibit ocean carriers from unreasonably declining opportunities for U.S. exports. • Promote transparency by requiring ocean common carriers to report to the FMC each quarter on total import/export tonnage and twenty-foot equivalent units (loaded/empty) per vessel that makes port in the United States. • Authorize the FMC to self-initiate investigations of ocean common carrier’s business practices and apply enforcement measures, as appropriate. • Establish new authority for the FMC to register shipping exchanges to improve the negotiation of service contracts. In the California State Legislature, Assemblymember Aguiar- Curry introduced AB 2406 to prohibit intermodal marine

equipment providers or intermodal marine terminal operators from imposing per diem, detention, demurrage, extending dwell or congestion charges under certain circumstances that are not within the control of the importer, exporter, or trucker. The ag community is not facing a supply problem or a demand problem. It’s a leadership problem. The attention provided by the state and federal administrations is appreciated, but it’s treating symptoms, not the disease. We must explore and exercise the full authority of the United States and the State of California to find whatever recourse or incentive available to hold carriers to contracts. The California farmer is heading into what might be the most expensive year of farming in their lifetime. The cost of water is on the rise heading into the third year of reduced water allocations and drought. The fuel cost is equally increasing, the irregularity and increased cost of critical fertilizer and plant health products are exacerbated by the war in Ukraine.

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