Blue Diamond Almond Facts March-April 2022


On any product sold but not delivered, payments were never received. The 2022 cash flow is tight, and still, the trees continue to grow, and the 2022 crop will be harvested soon. American farmers, workers, small businesses, truckers, and everyone along the way can’t continue this way forever.

As an ag community, we are headed into tough times. So much of the supply chain crisis seems out of our control. Still, the American ag community is resilient, sophisticated, and adaptable. While we continue to call for leadership to defend the American worker, farmer, small business, and position in the world, it is apparent we cannot leave this up to the government alone to solve. Like everything else on the farm, were going to have to solve this problem for ourselves. At the Almond Alliance, we continue to be a resounding voice in Washington and Sacramento, elevating the reality of the crisis and advocating for real solutions, not just temporary relief. We continue to work with our partners and our members on the ground to explore, identify, and create workable options and find technical and financial resources to keep our farmers farming.

Weiss McNair is proud to announce the 2850 Sweeper



The 2850 is a “new” Low Profile Self-Propelled Sweeper. Powered by a John Deere 4045-T, Tier 4F, 74 HP engine, with NO DEF FLUID required. The ground drive features two-speed piston motors with double-reduction gear boxes powered by a high efficiency hydraulic system. With a cab height of only 54 inches, the 2850 is a powerful unit that is 12 inches lower than the standard height air cab sweeper, includes an ergonomic seat, and fully illuminated dash panel switches. The 2850 is the perfect height for high density orchards with very low canopies. The 2850 standard equipment includes rear view camera, large windows for improved visibility, and full heating & air conditioning in a dust-free, pressurized cab. Finally, the cabin has a full gauge display with tachometer, engine temperature, and oil pressure, along with an easy-to-read electronic fuel level display.

For more information or to find a dealer near you, call us at (530) 891-6214 or visit our website at

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