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5 Lessons From Maine

What We Learned Hiking in New England

NO. 2: KEEP MOVING FORWARD. One of the best pieces of advice Ryan, our trip leader, provided was to maintain a steady pace. Rather than sprinting and stopping, he suggested we should simply focus on always moving forward. That was great advice. We didn’t get overeager at the start only to burn out by the finish. It’s the same with dental treatment. You have to do it all the time if you want success. Keeping regular appointments not only ensures you keep the warranties on your crowns and membership in our Whitening for Life program but also keeps your oral care moving forward. NO. 3: THE HARD STUFF’SWORTH IT IN THE END. I can’t say I enjoy carefully traversing down steep hills with walking sticks in hand to lessen the burden on my knees and my eyes affixed to the ground to avoid roots and rocks. The altitude did a number on us Florida flatlanders. Robin, who does CrossFit and is exceptionally fit, was even huffing and puffing. These moments are trying, but they’re an essential part of the journey. We can’t balk at difficulty or discomfort when we know the rewards are worth the trade-off. Ask anyone who’s had a complete smile transformation, and they’ll tell you that whatever inconveniences it entailed, their biggest regret is not having done it sooner. NO. 4: SOMETIMES, YOU JUST NEED A NEW PERSPECTIVE. I’ve eaten countless blueberries during my life and seen the Atlantic Ocean more times than I can count. But to do those things in an entirely new place made them feel completely new. When we see things from a new angle, it can be invigorating. A generation ago, most people thought of teeth as separate from the rest of the body. Now, of course, we know that’s not the case. Understanding how oral care is tied to overall health gives you a refreshed, emboldened sense of how important caring for your teeth is. NO. 5: A POSITIVE ATTITUDE CHANGES EVERYTHING. There were moments of adversity throughout the trip that could’ve turned our mood sour. I came down with a nasty cold, which nobody wants to experience on vacation. The Backroads van was rear-ended while the guides were running an errand. Thankfully, none of their clients were on board, as the damage was significant. It would’ve been easy for us to use these events as reasons to give up, but neither us nor the guides did so. I kept moving and didn’t let my cold stop me, and the guides found a van to use from the great people of Camden. When you’re approaching major dental work, having a positive attitude can make all the difference in the world.

Sometimes life happens so quickly that you don’t even take stock of what you’re missing. For the past two decades, our family has had the good fortune to take a number of great vacations, but they’ve always included at least one of our sons because outside of our Grand

Canyon trip, the other trips were linked to a lacrosse tournament. That’s no surprise because I believe Robin would agree that raising our sons has been the most important thing either of us will do. Nevertheless, we had a realization earlier this year that we hadn’t been on a couples vacation since our honeymoon. We decided to rectify that in a hurry. Picking a destination was easy. We’ve always talked about going to Maine, and this was the perfect chance to do so. After spending some time on our own in Portland, we met up with our Backroads trip leaders and group for our Camden to Acadia National Park Walking & Hiking Tour. We chose Backroads, as our oldest son has been employed by this company for two years, though he was not assigned to this trip. It was a wonderful experience, and much like our trip to the Grand Canyon last year, it gave me a chance to reflect on some of the lessons life has taught me over the years. The following five concepts, which were essential to our hiking trip, can be applied to our daily lives as well. NO. 1: YOU’RE ALWAYS STRONGER AS A TEAM. There were portions of the hike I would have been lost and challenged to do alone or even just with Robin. Thankfully, we had wonderful service from the guides at Backroads. They made us feel comfortable and educated us on what to expect. It was exactly the kind of service we strive to provide at our practice. Making patients feel welcome and instilling the sense that we’re all in this together is essential in providing exceptional care. Whether you’re planning a hiking route or course of dental treatment, it’s nice to know you’re in safe hands.

–Dr. David Yates

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GET READY FOR GOOD NUTRITION FOR THE HOLIDAYS! 3 Tips to Get Your Picky Eaters to Eat the Veggies Their Bodies Need

2. CHEESE IT UP! Cheese can undoubtedly make veggies more appealing for your little ones. When making their favorite mac ‘n’ cheese dish, consider adding broccoli and peas to the sauce. The cheese will mask most of the veggie flavor, and your kids won’t care as much! Another option for really picky eaters is to purée vegetables, like sweet potatoes, into the cheese sauce. The bright orange color will mask the inclusion, ensuring your little one gets a good share of fiber-rich nutrients while being none the wiser. 3. GET ‘BEEFY’WITH YOUR VEGGIES. If your kids are fans of meat-based pasta sauces, meatballs, or sloppy Joes, you can substitute some of the ground beef with finely chopped mushrooms. Since the meaty texture of the tasty fungi is similar to ground beef, it’ll be hard for kids to notice the difference. Riced cauliflower can also be mistaken for tender ground beef when cooked in darker sauces and gravies. While it can be frustrating to negotiate with a picky eater, especially during the holidays, don’t lose hope. Try out these three tasty tips and observe Good Nutrition Month with a little more ease.

It might seem strange that November — when millions of Americans gather around the dinner table to show gratitude through lavish Thanksgiving feasts — has recently been dubbed Good Nutrition Month. But it’s true; now is the time to pay extra attention to the nutrients your body needs to maintain its healthy state through the new year. While mindful eating is a habit families know they should practice year-round, once the holiday season kicks into full gear, it becomes much easier to overlook. With colder weather keeping you inside, the cravings for heartier meals and delicious baked goods leave parents struggling to encourage their picky eaters to consume anything nutritious. If you’re finding it more difficult than usual to convince your child to eat their greens, here are some tips to keep in mind! 1. LET THEM HELP. If your child has grown out of the toddler stage and is still resistant to eating their vegetables, child psychologists say you should have them help with the cooking process. The excitement and anticipation that comes with getting to prepare the vegetables can encourage kids to try a couple bites during dinnertime.


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Don’t leaf your benefits behind

Y our dental benefits expire at the end of the year! Now is the time to schedule an appointment because once your benefits are gone, they’re gone for good. Remember all the money you paid to your insurance premiums this year? Failing to use your dental benefits means all that money goes to waste. You paid for it; now use it! Call us to schedule your appointment today! This time of year, appointments fill up fast. Reserve your spot before it’s too late. The longer you wait, the more you’ll risk having to spend time away from the things you love most this holiday season. You can even call us after hours. Leave a message, and we’ll take care of you. Take advantage of your dental benefits today. If you don’t use ‘em, you lose ‘em!

B y scheduling today, you will be ready for holiday parties and the photo opportunities that come with them. If that’s not enough incentive, here are a few of our top reasons to smile: • It’s still football season (Woot! Woot!). • Zombies have not yet taken over Earth. • Fluffy, wiggly, silly little puppies — need I say more? • Did I mention it was football season? • All your favorite holiday flavors are at your local coffee shop. • Your dental benefits haven’t expired yet (but they will soon!) and our appointments are filling up fast. Call today!

Don’t forget your benefits expire on Dec. 31. It will be here before you know it!

Good NEWS “Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good; his love endures forever.” 1 Chronicles 16:34

Green Beans With Ginger and Garlic

Inspired by Food & Wine Magazine


1/2 tsp ground ginger

2 lbs whole green beans, ends trimmed

1 tsp crushed red pepper

6 tbsp extra-virgin olive oil

Kosher salt, to taste

2 garlic cloves, thinly sliced


1. Bring a large pot of salted water to a boil. To the side of the stove, prepare a large bucket of ice water. 2. Cook beans in boiling water for 4 minutes. Immediately transfer to ice water. Drain and pat dry. 3. In a large skillet, heat oil over medium-high heat. Add garlic and cook until fragrant, 30 seconds. Stir in ground ginger and crushed pepper. Add green beans. 4. Cook together for 2–3 minutes. 5. Transfer to plate and serve.

WORD OUT! Get the

“Rachel did an amazing job as always. She is A+ in my book!.” –Laurent P.

“I cannot thank Gardens Dental enough for the work they have done. I finally have a smile I can show off, and I cannot tell you how confident it makes me feel. They worked with me so that it would fit my budget, and the end result was more than I expected.” –Ken M. “All of the staff were extremely professional and friendly. My hygienist was excellent and answered all of my concerns. The office was immaculate, with a calming and pleasant atmosphere.” –Melinda C.

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The Historic Rebuff How Workplace Drama Created Dentistry

wasn’t because they didn’t care about teeth. Dr. Harris had unwittingly made his proposal during a huge struggle amongst the U of M faculty. The board of trustees had recently taken power away from the faculty and started appointing their own people. One of these people was Dr. Henry Willis Baxley. Baxley was a professor of anatomy at U of M with an interest in dentistry. Baxley supported Harris’ proposal, but, unfortunately for Harris, Baxley had also been appointed the chief of anatomy by the trustees. The rest of the faculty saw Baxley as a traitor, so the physicians were probably so quick to rebuff Harris’ proposal because of Baxley’s support. Far from deterred, Harris, Baxley, and many other dentists in Maryland banded together and established the Baltimore College of Dental Surgery in 1840. This was the first dental school in the United States, and it quickly became the epicenter of the American dental movement. The American Society of Dental Surgeons and the American Journal of Dental Science were established soon afterward, further cementing dentistry as a unique field.

Despite having a huge impact on your overall health, dentistry is uniquely separate from the rest of medicine. Your dentist never checks your blood pressure, and your family doctor won’t know what to do if you have gingivitis. The story of how this happened is filled with poor timing and petty office drama.

In the early 1800s, there was no formal training to practice dentistry. Anyone who could pull a tooth could set up shop and call themselves a dentist. Around this time, a Baltimore surgeon named Dr. Chapin Harris developed an interest in the field. The more he learned about dentistry, the more Harris realized it was connected to medicine. He went to the physicians at the University of Maryland (U of M) and suggested adding a dental program to the medical school. The physicians responded by telling Harris, “The subject of dentistry is of little consequence.”

Through one act of spite, the Historic Rebuff, dentistry emerged as we know it today as a separate entity from the rest of medicine.

This curt response became known as the Historic Rebuff. Why were the physicians at the University of Maryland so dismissive to dentistry? It


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