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ROCK STAR RICK SPRINGFIELD’S FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH The Power of Fitness and Good Nutrition at Any Age

He’s how old? Rick Springfield continues to shock the world with just how incredible he looks at the age of 73! The ‘80s rock star and “Jessie’s Girl” singer has recently released a new album, “Automatic,” and has shown that he still keeps up with his healthy lifestyle. So, what’s Springfield’s secret to a toned body at his age? The musician revealed the not-so-secret key to his excellent health: daily exercise and a nutritious diet. Springfield recently explained, “I work out every day. I just got a trainer and have been working with him. Basically, I watch what I eat, and I try and stay active.” Sounds simple, right?

singer looked unhealthy and too thin. “A friend of mine came up to me and said, ‘Are you okay?’ I got so thin. So I had to put fish back in [for protein].” He also made it clear that he is in no way a home cook, but his wife is the one who keeps him well-fed! Springfield shared that he is extremely grateful for his wife, Barbara Porter, who loves cooking and always comes up with the best recipes for him. Apparently, the singer was never that great in the kitchen! He said, “When I was a bachelor, I’d make a big pot of brown rice, chop up an onion and put that in the rice with a can of tuna. I’d have that, a baked potato and salad, and live off that for a month. Barbara comes up with these incredible things. She loves cooking.”

Photo credit: Wikimedia commons, Adam Bielawskii

While Springfield may have a personal trainer and talented spouse, we can all still learn from his dedication to his body and health. Ultimately, a healthy diet and exercise routine is the simplest (but not the easiest) way to our best health!

Springfield was a proud vegan in the past but has now shifted to a

pescatarian diet. Despite feeling healthy, many people around him stated that the


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