Panasonic 100 years Commemorative Publication

Recognising our responsibilities as industrialists, we will devote ourselves to the progress and development of society and the well-being of people through our business activities, thereby enhancing the quality of life throughout theworld . — Konosuke Matsushita Founder

From left: Panasonic Malaysia Sdn Bhd managing director Cheng Chee Chung, Panasonic Group of Companies in Malaysia (PM, PMMA, PAVCKM, PAVCJM, PAPAMY, PIDMY) chairman Tan Sri Asmat Kamaludin, and Panasonic Appliances Asia Pacific managing director Hiroyuki Tagishi

A century of Panasonic’s mission on society betterment 1918–2018


APRIL 6, 2018




Defying odds for a better society Below are 10 of his policies. Deemed uncon- ventional duringhis time, theyhavebeenastrong backbone for the company’s advancement till today.

T o stay strong throughout 100 years is a feat that few companies can achieve. What’s more, it has been a century browbeaten by a world war, several economic crises and twomajor tsunami earth- quakes that hit close to home (Japan) — all of which had threatened to dissolve the corpo- ration. Yet, Panasonic not only survived, but thrived, as a testament to the result of deter- mination, diligence and altruism. The company’s steadfastness can be traced to its late founder’s own grit in overcom- ing countless struggles. Born in Wakayama Prefecture in 1894, Konosuke Matsushita was forced to work away from home at the age of nine due to a reversal in family fortunes. Be- fore he was 20, Matsushita had to endure the death of seven of his 10-member family one by one, including his parents. At 20, he took on the responsibility of a household when his sister arranged his marriage to Mumeno Iue, one year his junior. At 22, when Matsushita’s invention of an upgraded electrical light socket was spurned by his employer, Matsushita started out on his own with his wife, brother-in-law and two friends.The enterprise was almost short-lived, as the device was too ahead of its time. On the brink of liquidation, it caught the attention of one company that noticed the ingenuity of the socket mould and decided to order a thousand insulator plates for electric fans from him. The profit enabled Matsushita, at 23, to rent a 2-storey home to launch Matsushita Electric Housewares Manufacturing Works. Starting with an innovative attachment plug and a two-way socket, the company began to earn a reputation for high-quality products at attainable prices. Shifting the paradigm of his times Upon Japan’s surrender in World War 2, the Allied Forces proceeded to implement their reforms in the country. Part of the restructur- ing exercise included the dismissal of senior personnel, intended to unravel the imperi- ous strongholds of public and private organ- isations then — a move that was largely wel- comed by the labour unions. In contrast, Panasonic’s own employees and affiliates fought for Matsushita to be retained. Taken by surprise, the authorities eventually exempted the injunction from Panasonic. The extraordinary support from the grass- roots attested toMatsushita’s exceptional lead- ership, whose core principle was to improve the society.

The mission of a manufacturer is to create material abundance by providing goods as plentiful and inexpensive as tap water. This is howwe can banish poverty, bring happiness to people’s lives and make this world into a paradise.

1. Unlike his contemporaries, which kept trade secrets closely guarded, Matsushita declared he would teach the company’s techniques of making insulating material to any able worker, regardless old or new. 2. To counter trade unions that grew hos- tile in the face of massive unemployment, Matsushita formed the “Hoichi Kai” (“one- step society”) in 1920, to promote company spirit through sports, cultural, recreational and other bonding activities. 3. Crippled by the Great Kanto Earthquake in 1923, many companies in Japan collapsed. Matsushitafeltthatcommunicationwaskeyin alleviating the apprehension, and in 1927, he established twoperiodicals—one forhis em- ployees and one for his retail outlets, to share company updates and encourage feedback. 4. During the 1929 Great Depression, Matsushita’s companywas similarly impact- ed. However, he refused to lay off even a single employee. Instead, he implemented ahalf-daywork at the samewages, compen- sated with no leaves. At the same time, all employeeswere todo their best to sell inven- tory. Consequently, the company recovered full-scale production within two months. 5. In 1933, the company was the first sole proprietorship in Japan to apply the au- tonomous management system, aimed at developing capable managers. 6. Matsushita saw the importance of devel- oping people and opened an Employee Training Institute in 1934 and Factory Worker Training Institute in 1936. After WorldWar 2, theywere reopened in 1960 as the Matsushita Electric Technical College. 7. In 1935, he instituted a fair price policy to counter a haphazard system of lopsided profits in the market then. The subsequent establishment of the Matsushita Retailers Association helped to create healthy com- petition that prospered businesses and consumers mutually. 8. From 1935, Matsushita set a precedent for regular discussionmeetings open to all em- ployees. 9. In 1936, Matsushita changed the tradition- al two-day holiday per month to four days and recommended that half of it be used for self-study. 10. In1937, he established theHealth Insurance Associationand in1940, theMatsushitaHos- pital toprovidehealthcare for company staff.

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— Konosuke Matsushita

Managing Director/Editor-in-chief Au Foong Yee EDITORIAL Editor Lam Jian Wyn

Project Editor Prisca Teh Deputy Chief Copy Editor James Chong Copy Editor Geraldine Tan Art Director Sharon Khoh Design Team Jun Kit, Joanne Soo

In 1929, to ground the company’s expansion, Matsushita formulated the Management Objective (cover page) and Company Creed (page 8), adding the Seven Principles several years later. These basic tenets have remained unchanged throughout the decades. Compacted under its slogan, “A better life, a better world”, this is Panasonic’s brand promise to pursue a better life for each individual customer through its various fields, says MD of Panasonic Malaysia, Cheng Chee Chung. Seven Principles: Contribution to society Fairness and honesty Cooperation and team spirit Untiring effort for improvement Courtesy and humility Adaptability Gratitude Present-day fast facts: Head office: Kadoma City, Osaka, Japan President: Kazuhiro Tsuga Worldwide staff count: Approximately 258,000 Companies: 496 (parent company and consolidated subsidiaries)

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1927 Panasonic’s early products designed tomake lives better 1931 1951 1952 1953



The first National TV set, the 17K-531, became the pioneering model for rectangular cathode ray tubes (CRT) and TV screens, which had been round before that.

An electrical iron was a luxury item that few could afford until Matsushita determined to make it accessible to the population at large by risking a mass production scheme for similar quality.

To counter the problem of unreliable radios in those days, Panasonic laboured arduously to produce this three-tube radio (R-31) to provide uninterrupted broadcasts. Matsushita also paid for the patent of a critical radio part and offered it free to the entire market to stimulate the expansion of the industry.

Inspired by a study tour to the US, Matsushita developed the first agitator-type washing machine, the MW-101, with a 2kg capacity featuring a round enamel tank, so that housewives could perform this back-breaking chore by just a touch of a button.

National’s electric refrigerator, the NR-351, made its debut. A notch above its contemporaries, it soon became a premium household appliance.

This lightweight air conditioner made it possible for homes in Japan to enjoy a cooler environment, something that had only been available for business use due to its high cost and huge size.

The K21-10 was National’s first 21-inch diagonal colour TV set, employing breakthrough technology developed

by the company to offer superior performance.





Signiˎcant milestones in Malaysia

Panasonic remains ˎrm-footed in Malaysia through the generations, thanks to its relentlessness in staying ahead in the electronics industry and its dexterity in adapting to the local market. A time-tested tenacity

1965 Matsushita Electric opened its first factory in Kuala Lumpur. 1976 Matsushita Sales and Services Sdn Bhd (MASCO) was established. 1979 Kedai Nasional was launched nationwide. 1979

PanasonicGroupof Companies inMalaysia (as of 2016)

FromMatsushita to National to Panasonic, these names havemade their presence in countless households and businesses inMalaysia, right from the flower power era to the threshold of the hybrid age. How is such durable relevance maintained for over half a century? “Wehavea total of six researchanddevelopment centres, including for air conditioners, audio visual, home appliances and office prod- ucts. On topof that, for theAsiaPacificmarket, PanasonicAppliances AsiaPacifichas set upadesigncentre in theMalaysianoffice to further understandand localise theproducts thatweoffer toconsumers,” says PanasonicMalaysiamanaging director Cheng Chee Chung. “This office has also established Asia Lifestyle Research Centre for the Asia Pacific market that conducts surveys on consumer lifestyle and product development to gather feedback and im- prove our products. Factors such as consumer behaviour and cultural lifestyle play an important role in influencing the de- velopment of the products,” he adds.

RM14.6 billion consolidated sales (contributing 1.32% of total Malaysia GDP)

23,025 total employees

Founder Konosuke Matsushita was conferred the Tan Sri title by then-Prime Minister Tun Hussein Onn. 1992 MASCO changed its name to National Panasonic Malaysia (NPM). 2001 NPM Distribution Centre was officially opened in Shah Alam. 2003 The global brand unification took place; thereon National became Panasonic, and the brand tagline “Ideas for Life” was created. Subsequently, NPM Sdn Bhd became Panasonic Malaysia Sdn Bhd. 2012 The new headquarters in Petaling Jaya was completed. 2017 Panasonic Malaysia officially launched its new HOME·2·COM Solution Center at The Vertical Podium, Bangsar South, KL. The first of its kind in the Asean region, it is a platform for reference and inspiration for its B2B (business-to-business) segment, displaying technologies that can be used in the home, town and commercial entities. 2018       

The pioneering batch of leaders of the first Matsushita Electric factory in 1965.

Advertisements on wheels are not a latter-day technique, as proven here.

A roadshow in an open field displaying the latest wares.

Panashops (then known as National shops) have been great intertwining partners of Panasonic in serving their respective communities, spanning decades down to the second or third generations now.

Panasonic has expanded to 148 Panashops, 285 service centres and service networks, 10 manufacturing plants and 23 companies under its Panasonic Group, encompassing manufacturing, research and development, sales and marketing, and management.

If this National shop still existed now, it would have been just as Instagrammable as it was then.

Before flat screens, there were solid TV sets complete with antennae.

SR 4 SPECIAL REPORT The industry offers its congratulations Throughout its journey in Malaysia, Panasonic has teamed up with a host of industry players which share a common vision for a better world.


Dato’ Hoo Kim See Senior general manager for the central region, IJM Land Bhd We applaud Panasonic’s commitment in investing in innovative technology to bring unique products and solutions to the masses. Its partnership approach, innovative spirit and commitment to customer focus are highly commended. We are proud to be working with Panasonic and wish it continued success in the years to come.

Kurt Stocks General manager, LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort

We believe this fantastic accomplishment is due to

Ir Anilarasu Amaranazan Chief operating ofˎcer, Aspen Group Great integrity and strong work ethics have led to Panasonic’s glorious success. It has been a real honour to work with it and we value each and every opportunity to do so. We salute its efforts in reaching such an exceptional milestone. Dato’ MMurly President & group CEO, Aspen Group “Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, and working together is success.” Panasonic has proven to be consistently proactive, innovative and reliable in its product development, empowering people and businesses through its technology. One hundred years in business, of ideas and creations is a wonderful achievement.

Dato’ Choy Wai Hin Group MD, Federal Furniture Holdings (M) Bhd We are honoured to partner with Panasonic as it constantly strives to create great products that benefit the Malaysian public and enhance the quality of life. We have been inspired by its deeply- rooted corporate philosophy of contributing to human well-being and we look forward to many more years of successful partnership with Panasonic.

Dato’ AzmanMahmud CEO, Malaysian Investment Development Authority (MIDA) Panasonic has been serving Malaysian households for decades. Despite being a leading global electronics company, Panasonic continues to evolve its ideas and technology, demonstrating that even the strongest must reinvent themselves to stay ahead. As Panasonic continues to grow in Malaysia, MIDA looks forward to more quality jobs and businesses being created for the country.

Panasonic’s leading commitment to quality, engineering and customer service in the industry. LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort truly appreciates

the unparalleled quality and support given by Panasonic.

Dato’ DrNorraesah Mohammad

Datuk Tee Eng Ho Executive chairman,

Mohd Faiq Tan Sri Abu Sahid Group MD, Maju Group We are very pleased to have

May Panasonic continue its growing success in its mission of improving the lives and well-being of society through innovative and reliable products.

Kerjaya Prospek Group Bhd Panasonic has a long-standing and strong brand presence in Malaysia and many of us have grown up with the brand. As a main contractor/ developer today, I have seen Panasonic products being promoted as part of the home lifestyles in property developments. This shows the confidence and trust in the Panasonic brand.

Panasonic as a valuable partner on our project MAJU Kuala Lumpur. With its sustainable and innovative home appliances, it has helped us to shape a better living for our target market, the M40. We are impressed by its progress and technologies, and we can’t wait to see what Panasonic will bring in the future.

Ngan Chee Meng CEO, Gamuda Land Panasonic’s continuous

TS Soon General manager, I-City Properties Sdn Bhd We sincerely appreciate Panasonic’s efficient and gracious customer service, the level of detail and accountability it has demonstrated in each project, and the way it conducts business as a whole. We have, and will continue to, recommend its service to others. We could not be more satisfied with its work and we look forward to continuing this relationship. world. The brand has shown great leadership in technological growth and innovation over the years. May its brand remain reliable and continue to inspire many lives around the world. commitment to innovation and energy efficiency has created a better life for millions of homes and communities around the

Dr James Tee MD/CEO, Medini Iskandar Malaysia Sdn Bhd Panasonic has been true to its core in establishing itself as a brand dedicated to improving our lives and striving for societal progress. It has become a popular brand not only among homemakers but also among corporations, which have enjoyed its many innovative solutions. As a flourishing smart and sustainable central business district, Medini City is proud to be working alongside Panasonic, exploring various opportunities that will bring about positive changes to how we live.

Au Foong Yee MD and editor-in-chief, Konosuke Matsushita may be knocked down time and again, but he is NEVER knocked out! He is an inspiration not just to the Panasonic family but also to individuals and institutions the world over. He is proof that it’s possible to arrive at 100 years thriving if one’s heart beats for the people.

Mario Gross President and CEO, Lafarge Malaysia Bhd As Panasonic evolves over a century of ingenuity, it is

Dato’ Andy Kwan President, Malaysian Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Association (MACRA) As a premier and trusted brand, Panasonic has won the hearts of consumers for its high-quality and innovative lifestyle products. MACRA is proud and honoured to have an international icon such as Panasonic as one of our life members.

heartening to note its steadfast commitment in “adding a little more brightness to our lives”. We look forward to expand the bond of friendship and cooperation between our two brands towards our mutual goal of building better homes for better lives.





Lee Chee Seng Chief operating ofˎcer, SkyWorld Development Group One hundred years is definitely a fantastic achievement! Panasonic has proven to us that its brand represents the very best in innovation, quality, customer service and support. It is truly the creator for a better life and a better world.

Datuk Tan Hon Lim Executive vice-president, S P Setia Bhd S P Setia is proud to collaborate with Panasonic for the MYHOME initiative as it has always been a trusted and reliable brand. One hundred years is a milestone of immense pride for a company that is not only technologically innovative but also one that gives back to the community in so many ways, improving the lifestyle of many of its ardent followers.

Mohd Azanuddin Salleh MD, SIRIM QAS International Sdn Bhd Panasonic has always shown great commitment in enhancing the lives of Malaysians with safe and quality products over the years.

The 2-storey terraces in Hillpark @ Shah Alam North employ the Japanese NEXT+HOME solutions for enhanced quality living, along with the “Kajiraku” design for functional and efficient space utilisation.

Tan Sri Eddy Chen Group MD, MKH Bhd It is wonderful to have been one of Panasonic’s business partners. We look forward to continue working hand-in-hand in delivering value and realising the aspiration of creating “a better life, a better world”.

Kenneth Tan MD, Sanctuary Lakes Global Group A hundred years on from

Gladys Goh Group general manager, Nippon Paint Malaysia Sdn Bhd

Konosuke Matsushita’s invention of the attachment plug, the world remains in desperate need of new solutions. Never before in history has there been so many people drawing upon the finite ecological resources of this fragile planet. Panasonic’s founder believed that businesses can contribute to the betterment of human society, and few corporations today are better positioned than Panasonic to help humanity tackle pressing global challenges. We salute and encourage the Panasonic team to carry on the imagination and persistence of Matsushita in striving to make the world better. Carrie Fong Chairperson, REHDA Youth Panasonic is a brand that has made many Malaysians’ lives more comfortable and efficient. As a household name, it continues to inspire with new initiatives to improve the world we live in. Having been privy to some of the latest technologies coming out of Panasonic during REHDA Youth’s Future Forward Forum, we are assured that Panasonic has the solutions and a strategy for the future. It is a vital partner to head into the next 100 years with.

We truly recognise Panasonic’s unwavering mission to improve better living for everyone, and we are immensely proud to have had the opportunity to work with the company towards this goal. Kudos, Panasonic Malaysia, in leading and inspiring the industry to greater heights! We look forward to richer, better lives with it.

Dato’ Jeffrey Ng Tiong Lip

Each home in Cheria Residences is designed to be energy-efficient with built-in PURETECH air ventilation and heat insulation technology. Security is monitored by a comprehensive video intercom and home network system.

Chairman, REHDA Institute Building a lasting international brand legacy of more than 100 years is indeed an impressive feat. Panasonic has positioned itself as a reputable brand internationally, with many of its eco-friendly products being used in Malaysian homes, supporting developers’ effort to promote sustainability in their developments.

Ung Lay Ting MD, Tropicana Corporation Bhd One of the greatest milestones we have achieved

is the development of innovative and smart semi-detached homes at Cheria Residences in

Tropicana Aman. We would like to express our sincere appreciation to Panasonic for helping us achieve our vision in creating sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyles.

Wang Chong Hwa Chief operating ofˎcer, Paramount Property Development Sdn Bhd With the dynamic business environment and keen competition, it is indeed remarkable for a corporation to continue to excel in the field that it operates over a century. Well done, Panasonic! We look forward to more collaborations in the near future.

Kong Sze Choon UOA Group

This centennial anniversary celebration is a testament to the fact that Panasonic is an innovative company that has made a lasting, positive contribution to everyday life. May Panasonic continue to thrive at the forefront of innovation for another century of success.





Shaping the future of sustainable living Panasonic embraces innovation in broad and diversiˎed areas. While most oak-rooted entities face the onslaught of digital disruptionwith apprehension or remonstration, Panasonic has not only embraced it, butmarched among the vanguards. Born out of an invention, the company has always been at the forefront of innovation.

“Our products have evolvedwith the changing needs of the market. A century ago, our products were made under themost basic conditions to do simple household chores. Over the years, our solutions have becomemore efficient and eco-friendly,” states Panasonic Malaysia managing director Cheng Chee Chung.

Panasonic — the key products and solutions in focus




• Air Conditioning • Cooking Appliances • General Appliances • Health & Beauty • AV & Digital Imaging • Batteries

• Security Solutions • Professional AV Solutions • IP PABX & Communication Systems • Commercial Air Conditioners • Cold Chain Systems • Factory Automation • Avionics • Automotive • Industrial Devices

• Indoor Air Quality • Energy Solutions • Building Technologies • Housing Materials • Lighting

The Ketupat Rendang Brownies Coklat drama allows viewers to see demonstrations of Panasonic’s daily appliances, while enjoying the Ramadan- based story.

Construction through W-PC technology is a form of Industrialised Building System (IBS) implemented for better efficiency, consistent quality and less wastage. The HIT Solar Photovoltaic Panels by Panasonic boast the world’s highest conversion efficiency and are made in Malaysia.

The world could watch the opening and closing ceremonies of the Olympics in clear view because of Panasonic’s cutting-edge system projectors developed under its professional AV solutions.

Panasonic’s kitchen solutions have now

Panasonic’s beauty solutions get Hong Kong actress and TV presenter Ali Lee’s thumbs-up as she shares her experience using them.

expanded to innovative cabinets with intelligent storage mechanisms and built-in appliances.

The essence of Japanese artisanship is embodied in the Shokunin Collection, seen here with the Ola Bola cast.

Through an IP-based platform, the integrated security systems incorporated with various analytics, including face recognition, can be designed to link with systems for car park management, door access, IP PABX and video intercom.

Large-scale developments will find the Panasonic VRF air-conditioning system to be the most energy-efficient. An outdoor system supports up to 64 indoor units, which can be remotely monitored through a cloud system.

Whether you are a professional or an amateur, the Panasonic Lumix cameras can help you get the desired shots.

Chefs Dato’ Fazley and Martin Yan show their skills in the Battle of the Chefs, featuring Panasonic Cooking in collaboration with the Asian Food Channel.

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Defining new standards for healthy living Building airtightness maximises energy efficiency to keep the air cool. However, it also causes the i d n oor i t a r o b ll e po t d d u e ue to the lack of ventilation. Find out how Panasonic’s Air Solution is able to take in, filter, circulate and expel air from the house all at once.



PM2.5 filtering system



Bathroom vent

Ceiling fan Air e Air purifier



Air supply fan WMVF

Sirocco exhaust fan




Range hood



*Productmodel availability is subjected to region


The heat-transfer element

Residential & commercial (VRF) air conditioners

Panasonic’s ERV (Heat Exchange Unit)

Contaminated air

Panasonic Evolta batteries set a new record for the longest- distance toy train ride by powering the Takara Tomy Plarail Train N700 Shinkansen.

Fresh air


Contaminated air

Fresh air

With their dynamic visuals on a Firefly aircraft, the Panasonic Sky Series Air Conditioners take to the skies.

Panasonic’s total indoor air quality management solution includes air intake, filtering, circulation, purification, cooling, exchange, ionisation, and exhaust.

Panasonic supplies fluorocarbon-free CO 2 condensing units to Jaya Grocer in Malaysia.


PANASONIC HOME•2•COM SOLUTION CENTER Address: Unit G-2, Ground Floor, The Vertical Podium, Bangsar South, Jalan Kerinchi, Kuala Lumpur Tel: (03) 2242 1326 Operating hours: Mondays – Fridays | 10am – 5pm Closed on Saturday, Sundays and public holidays

Where imagination is given shape If you want a feel of a futuristic sphere, step into the newly-minted Panasonic Home • 2 • ComSolution Center. The revolutionary solutions displayed in an avant- garde visual gallery will ignite your creativity to a world of possibilities.The latest innovations in indoor air qual- ity, energy and LED lighting, security, communications, professional AV, smart solutions and lifestyle appliances are aimed at supporting any home, town and commer- cial development towards a better world.





Panasonic’s project raises the quality of living. Leading the way in smart townships

Energy The entire town is fitted with high-efficiency solar panels and energy storage systems that can generate and save enough power to serve both individual homes and public spaces optimally. The renewable supply will remain intact even during major power disruptions for up to three days. Security Instead of having high fences and imposing walls, the town is safeguarded by an unobtrusive virtual-gated system of surveillance cameras, intelligent lighting and human patrols. This barrier-free environment facilitates community bonding. Mobility Sharing services are available for electric vehicles, electric scooters and electric- assisted bicycles, besides car rental. For conventional cars, the environmental automobile inspection service is at hand to help improve petrol mileage and reduce CO 2 emissions. Community Every resident is a “town parent” who co- nurtures the town. Discussions are facilitated through a dedicated web portal accessible to every resident, which also serves as the town’s one-stop information service. Consented ideas, through a committee, are implemented by a town management company, which will continuously support the sustainable evolution of the town. Community bonds are further fostered through the town square, which comprises a library and numerous facilities for communal activities. Wellness A comprehensive care system provides seamless medical, nursing and elderly care, plus pharmaceutical services for its residents, on top of regular health promotion events.

Panasonic has pushed the envelope for “a better life” by actualising “a better world”. Utilising its own site in Fujisawa City, Japan, Panasonic Corp has created a model of a sustainable smart town (SST) to be replicat- ed around the world.The 19ha township has been built in partnership with Fujisawa City and a number of other like-minded compa- nies.OpenedonNov27,2014,theFujisawaSST proves that a higher quality living is possible. Unlike other normal developers, Panasonic does not conclude at the comple- tion of construction. In fact, it is only the be- ginning, as the townshipblueprint isbasednot

just on brick andmortar, but also on the nuts andboltsof actual living for thenext 100years. Comprising 1,000households alongwith commercial, healthcare, welfare, education- al and recreational facilities, the eco-based concept prioritises community, comfort, security, wellness and mobility. Leveraging its expertise in energy- efficient and smart solutions, Panasonic has implemented substantive state-of-the-art structures to reduce CO 2 emission andwater consumption by 70% and 30% respectively, while raising utilisation rate of renewable energy to over 30%.

Accredited among the top

Bearing a name that spells reliability and quality, Panasonic has garnered numerous accolades that evidence its position in the forefront of the electronics industry throughout the years.

Reader’s Digest Trusted Brand Awards 2017 PanasonicMalaysia bagged five gold awards in the TV, air conditioner, refrigerator, wash- ing machine and water purifier categories. Since 2001, Panasonic Malaysia has wonThe Trusted Brand award in various categories for 16 consecutive years. Launched in 1999, Reader’s Digest Trusted Brands Survey (formerly known as Reader’s Digest Super Brands) identifies which brands, among the thousands available in the market, appeal most to affluent Asian consumers. The Trusted Brand achievement marks the genuine high regard consumers have towards the Panasonic brand.

BrandLaureate 2016 Panasonic Malaysia managing director Cheng Chee Chung was conferred The BrandLaureate Best Choice Industry Brand Icon Leadership Award in the Consumer Electronics Industry. This special category is reserved for only one exclusive recipient for the year to honour outstand- ing leaders in their respective industries. The awards is organ- ised by the Asia Pacific Brands Foundation, which is dedicat- ed to advancing the branding standards in the region. Found- ed in 2004, it made its debut in Malaysia in 2006.

Putra Brand Awards 2017 PanasonicMalaysiawasbestowedThePeople’s ChoiceGoldAwardinthePersonal,Household & Outdoor Appliances category. Since the Putra BrandAwards was established in 2010, Panasonic has never failed to be recognised every year. Established by the Association of Accredited Advertising Agents Malaysia and endorsedby theMalaysiaExternal Trade Development Corporation (MATRADE), the Putra Brand Awards seeks to recognise local and international brands that Malaysians appreciate. Winners are picked based on consumer preference.




Pursuing a better life and a better world

Putting people ˎrst As of 2016, Panasonic in Malaysia has 13,765 full-time and 9,260 contract employees. Five of them fromPanasonic Malaysia Sdn Bhd share why they love working here. Progress and development can be realised only through the combined efforts and cooperation of each employee of our company. United in spirit, we pledge to performour corporate duties with dedication, diligence and integrity. —Panasonic’s company creed

Panasonic takes its corporate social responsibility (CSR) and contribution to the betterment of the property sector seriously. Here are some of its key activities in the past years.

Takaaki Uehara Consumer Marketing and Customer Service Director (24 years)

well-established MNC, so I applied for a junior marketing executive position. That was the best decision I ever made. The company puts equal emphasis on customer service and staff welfare. We also practise the Matsushita Basic Business Philosophy and are constantly reminded of our work culture — teamwork, plan ahead, growth driven, creative and caring. Panasonic has made me a motivated, detailed and results-oriented person. All the difficulties we have faced while working on projects, and the joy and satisfaction upon their completion, are priceless.

Flood and disaster reliefs Penang

Eco Picture Diary The Eco Picture Diary is part of Panasonic’s global eco-learning programme that was introduced in Malaysia from 2011. In col- laboration with the Ministry of Education, PanasonicMalaysia distributes special three- day diary books in which children record their environmental-saving gestures. Par- ticipants with the best diaries win prizes from Panasonic Malaysia. For two consecutive years since 2017, Pana- sonicMalaysia has been one of the twomain partnersofEdgePropMalaysia’sBestManaged PropertyAwards organisedby In honouring real estates that are excellently managed, theventure seeks to raise thebar on Malaysian propertymanagement practices, encompassing stratified and non-stratified buildings in the residential, commercial and mixed development categories. Lafarge-EdgePropMYHOMEproject EdgeProp Malaysia’s Best Managed Property Awards feedback from the general public. Kicked off in early 2018, the collaboration between Lafarge and gathered urban- ites’ views through a nationwide survey, which will be translated into homes that would better meet the needs of the popu- lation and improve overall living quality. Virtual Property Expo 2017 Panasonic Malaysia lent its support for the first-ever Virtual Property Expo inMalaysia last year. Organised by, the virtual fair marked a step forward in the digitisation of the real estate industry in the nation. PanasonicMalaysia isworkinghand-in- hand with other industry leaders towards designing homes based on

In November 2017, Panasonic Malaysia helped alleviate the distress of Penangites by offering free repair service for electrical appliances, free cartonboxes anddiscounted parts to its customers and dealers swamped by the sudden deluge. East Coast In February 2015, Panasonic Malaysia do- nated a total of 1,275 electrical items worth RM655,233 to 88 schools inKelantan andPa- hang thatweremost criticallyhit by thefloods.

In school (Japan), we were exposed to Konosuke Matsushita’s Basic Business Philosophy and “sunao” mind (an uncluttered mind that can discern the state of affairs without pre-conceived prejudice) practice. Since then, I have been impressed with his wisdom and approach towards life and business. His philosophy is relevant both in our business operations and personal lives. It has guided me through the years. I have gained many opportunities and valuable experiences here. I am also fortunate to have worked for fantastic and inspirational bosses. In Malaysia, we are proud to achieve No. 1 shop share for consumer electrical products in our biggest retailer, Senheng, for 2017. This is thanks to the hard work of our staff.

Chew Yoke Yuen Audio Visual Communication Department Marketing Executive (5 years)

I had always wanted to work in a well-known MNC

like Panasonic. The working environment and the challenges, along with supportive superiors and colleagues, make my journey here interesting. When I was managing home audio products in the past, I was assigned to do a solo presentation at the annual Panasonic AV Key Dealer Conference to our nationwide business partners. I was naturally apprehensive but I received lots of support from my superiors. The biggest surprise was when my deputy managing director gave me a jar of honey to help prevent sore throat. Consequently, I did well at the conference and that gave me the confidence that I hold on to till today.

Chew Keng Heng Marketing Innovation Department General Manager (26 years) I have grown up using Panasonic (previously National) appliances and

HEARTHEART Project In January 2016, Panasonic Malaysia do- nated 16,000 picture books to more than 7,700 primary schools inMalaysia under the HEARTHEART Project, which was initiated by the international Nonprofit Organization XYZ (cross wise). The picture books were a token of gratitude to the global community that had rendered aid during the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake.

have known Panasonic as a big brand with a strong business culture. I was also impressed by Matsushita’s philosophy. So, in my final year at varsity, Matsushita Sales & Service Sdn Bhd (the name of the company then) was one of the multinational companies (MNCs) I aimed to work in. The constant challenges, innovations and leaderships make every day feel like a fresh experience. Plus, the culture, system and pragmatic leadership have made me stay. I have fond memories of working with colleagues from different places and cultures around the country. I will always treasure their professionalism, support and camaraderie.

Shamini Krishnan Human Resources Executive (5 years) I joined Panasonic because it is a company that emphasises contribution to society — something which

Panasonic Sports Complex In June 2008, PanasonicGroupof Companies donated the Panasonic Sports Complex to the Ministry of Youth and Sports. The RM34 million high-tech sports complex in Shah Alamhouses a 2,000-seating capacity outdoor stadiumand an indoor arenawithin its 15.3 acres. Panasonic runs the Kid Witness News pro- gramme worldwide annually. In Malaysia, the programme began in 2005. School chil- dren aged 10 to 17, in teams of four, come up with five-minute video productions themed on environment, communication or sports. Eco-education KidWitness News

we are very proud of. I am proud to be a part of a strong and supportive team. We practise teamwork and never fail to bring out the best in each other. I am in charge of payroll. Sometimes we have to stay back to ensure staff salary is remitted on time. Sometimes we encounter technical glitches. However, backed by a strong team, we always somehow manage to get things done.

Rusli Baba Integrated Solutions Department General Manager (29 years)

While pursuing my business degree, I became interested in the Japanese work philosophy. I also aspired to work for a

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