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Pursuing a better life and a better world

Putting people ˎrst As of 2016, Panasonic in Malaysia has 13,765 full-time and 9,260 contract employees. Five of them fromPanasonic Malaysia Sdn Bhd share why they love working here. Progress and development can be realised only through the combined efforts and cooperation of each employee of our company. United in spirit, we pledge to performour corporate duties with dedication, diligence and integrity. —Panasonic’s company creed

Panasonic takes its corporate social responsibility (CSR) and contribution to the betterment of the property sector seriously. Here are some of its key activities in the past years.

Takaaki Uehara Consumer Marketing and Customer Service Director (24 years)

well-established MNC, so I applied for a junior marketing executive position. That was the best decision I ever made. The company puts equal emphasis on customer service and staff welfare. We also practise the Matsushita Basic Business Philosophy and are constantly reminded of our work culture — teamwork, plan ahead, growth driven, creative and caring. Panasonic has made me a motivated, detailed and results-oriented person. All the difficulties we have faced while working on projects, and the joy and satisfaction upon their completion, are priceless.

Flood and disaster reliefs Penang

Eco Picture Diary The Eco Picture Diary is part of Panasonic’s global eco-learning programme that was introduced in Malaysia from 2011. In col- laboration with the Ministry of Education, PanasonicMalaysia distributes special three- day diary books in which children record their environmental-saving gestures. Par- ticipants with the best diaries win prizes from Panasonic Malaysia. For two consecutive years since 2017, Pana- sonicMalaysia has been one of the twomain partnersofEdgePropMalaysia’sBestManaged PropertyAwards organisedby In honouring real estates that are excellently managed, theventure seeks to raise thebar on Malaysian propertymanagement practices, encompassing stratified and non-stratified buildings in the residential, commercial and mixed development categories. Lafarge-EdgePropMYHOMEproject EdgeProp Malaysia’s Best Managed Property Awards feedback from the general public. Kicked off in early 2018, the collaboration between Lafarge and gathered urban- ites’ views through a nationwide survey, which will be translated into homes that would better meet the needs of the popu- lation and improve overall living quality. Virtual Property Expo 2017 Panasonic Malaysia lent its support for the first-ever Virtual Property Expo inMalaysia last year. Organised by, the virtual fair marked a step forward in the digitisation of the real estate industry in the nation. PanasonicMalaysia isworkinghand-in- hand with other industry leaders towards designing homes based on

In November 2017, Panasonic Malaysia helped alleviate the distress of Penangites by offering free repair service for electrical appliances, free cartonboxes anddiscounted parts to its customers and dealers swamped by the sudden deluge. East Coast In February 2015, Panasonic Malaysia do- nated a total of 1,275 electrical items worth RM655,233 to 88 schools inKelantan andPa- hang thatweremost criticallyhit by thefloods.

In school (Japan), we were exposed to Konosuke Matsushita’s Basic Business Philosophy and “sunao” mind (an uncluttered mind that can discern the state of affairs without pre-conceived prejudice) practice. Since then, I have been impressed with his wisdom and approach towards life and business. His philosophy is relevant both in our business operations and personal lives. It has guided me through the years. I have gained many opportunities and valuable experiences here. I am also fortunate to have worked for fantastic and inspirational bosses. In Malaysia, we are proud to achieve No. 1 shop share for consumer electrical products in our biggest retailer, Senheng, for 2017. This is thanks to the hard work of our staff.

Chew Yoke Yuen Audio Visual Communication Department Marketing Executive (5 years)

I had always wanted to work in a well-known MNC

like Panasonic. The working environment and the challenges, along with supportive superiors and colleagues, make my journey here interesting. When I was managing home audio products in the past, I was assigned to do a solo presentation at the annual Panasonic AV Key Dealer Conference to our nationwide business partners. I was naturally apprehensive but I received lots of support from my superiors. The biggest surprise was when my deputy managing director gave me a jar of honey to help prevent sore throat. Consequently, I did well at the conference and that gave me the confidence that I hold on to till today.

Chew Keng Heng Marketing Innovation Department General Manager (26 years) I have grown up using Panasonic (previously National) appliances and

HEARTHEART Project In January 2016, Panasonic Malaysia do- nated 16,000 picture books to more than 7,700 primary schools inMalaysia under the HEARTHEART Project, which was initiated by the international Nonprofit Organization XYZ (cross wise). The picture books were a token of gratitude to the global community that had rendered aid during the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake.

have known Panasonic as a big brand with a strong business culture. I was also impressed by Matsushita’s philosophy. So, in my final year at varsity, Matsushita Sales & Service Sdn Bhd (the name of the company then) was one of the multinational companies (MNCs) I aimed to work in. The constant challenges, innovations and leaderships make every day feel like a fresh experience. Plus, the culture, system and pragmatic leadership have made me stay. I have fond memories of working with colleagues from different places and cultures around the country. I will always treasure their professionalism, support and camaraderie.

Shamini Krishnan Human Resources Executive (5 years) I joined Panasonic because it is a company that emphasises contribution to society — something which

Panasonic Sports Complex In June 2008, PanasonicGroupof Companies donated the Panasonic Sports Complex to the Ministry of Youth and Sports. The RM34 million high-tech sports complex in Shah Alamhouses a 2,000-seating capacity outdoor stadiumand an indoor arenawithin its 15.3 acres. Panasonic runs the Kid Witness News pro- gramme worldwide annually. In Malaysia, the programme began in 2005. School chil- dren aged 10 to 17, in teams of four, come up with five-minute video productions themed on environment, communication or sports. Eco-education KidWitness News

we are very proud of. I am proud to be a part of a strong and supportive team. We practise teamwork and never fail to bring out the best in each other. I am in charge of payroll. Sometimes we have to stay back to ensure staff salary is remitted on time. Sometimes we encounter technical glitches. However, backed by a strong team, we always somehow manage to get things done.

Rusli Baba Integrated Solutions Department General Manager (29 years)

While pursuing my business degree, I became interested in the Japanese work philosophy. I also aspired to work for a

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