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From tracing lamp in stages to landscape lights in underwater parks,the lighting connection technique of linko is improving continuously.Whether to create new connection or to enhance connection design,linko is your provider of lighting equipment solutions that provides stable lighting power and signal connection.

Application equipment: Plant growth lighting, city landscape lighting, street lighting and stage spot lighting. Application product: LP-20 、 YW-20 、 YA-20 、 YM-20


With the 5G times coming,fast communication has become the basic require- ments of communication industry equipment.Whether large-scale communi- cation base station Or industrial information transmission system,linko can provide full power , signal, data connection solution for you.The fast,convenient,stable and eective connection mode has been chosen by many equipments.

Application equipment:Signal transceiver Application product: LP-12 、 LP-16 、 YT-RJ45 、 YW-16




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