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Linko provides waterproof connectors of dierent types and dierent electrical Functions, which are widely used in many kinds of electronic devices, such as M12 M16 and YU-USB.Dierent shell materials and customizable services oer more connectivity possibilities.

Application equipment: Signal Transmission instrument 、 3D printer8 Application product: LP-16 、 LP-20 、 YW-16 、 LP-28


With the change and development of industry, more and more automation equipments are used in industrial production , more Lean controllable production become the focus of people attention. Cnlinko designs waterproof connectors of various models for automatic equipment,which provides solutions for industrial automatic equipment connection.

Application equipment: automatic equipment control box Application product: LP-20 、 BD-24 、 DH-24 、 YU-USB 、 YT-RJ45



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