Catálogo CNLinko Conectores

Applicationcaseof SecurityEquipment

Visual security information equipment for people's lives to provide a variety of powerful security. The stability of security monitoring system to the connecting equipment, the transmission rate of information, the stability of current become the new equipment to the connector Requirements. Linker electrical connectors through a variety of security detection systems for your equipment to provide a strong connection protection.

Application equipment: computer room monitoring system, information security door, outdoor video monitor Application products: LP-12, LP-16,LP-20,BD-24, LP-24

ApplicationCaseOf NewEnergy

With the continuous development and progress of new energy industry, new require- ments are put forward for connection technology. Linko provides a variety of innovative equipment connectors for dierent applications in the new energy industry. These device connectors contain power, data, and signals, and can be installed in a variety of ways. Application equipment: solar signal lamp, new energy vehicle, solar circuit board, new energy street lamp RV industry , etc Application Products: LP-16, LP-20, YW-16, LP-28



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