Nilkamal Pallet Storage System

WHY USE NILKAMAL PALLET STORAGE SYSTEM All India Presence with more than 2000 Installations in single calendar year.

Following the design standards that meets the International requirements.

Solutions that can make big difference, Nilkamal being the only company with highest number of solutions in Warehousing products that includes Racking systems, Equipment, Pallets, Totes. We can suggest you the best solution that suits your requirements. R&D constant evolution process, Nilkamal having in house testing facilities, structural engineers, develops all products first time perfect over the years, be it ASRS with heights varying 30 mtr, Shuttle racks with 12+ mtr heights or cold stores special solutions. Installation that makes the solutions more reliable as products are installed professionally and as per standards which local markets barely knows. Our oldest installations are yet working well without much maintenance.

Value of the finish of products and accuracy of the products that is manufactured make sure that designed products give 100% output.





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