Nilkamal Pallet Storage System


The racking components are designed as per Indian / European Standards as described below Indian Standard IS 800 – General construction in steel IS 801 – Code of practice for use of cold formed light gauge steel structure members in building construction The above codes are used for general steel building design, thus the same does not cover the critical design parameters of rack designing. The limitations of the above IS code (for steel building design) essentially require rack to be designed as per European standard specific to Rack design. The details of the same are given below.

European Standards for design

FEM: 10.2.01: Terminology and description of storage systems. FEM: 10.2.02: EN 15512 Design code for Racking

EN 15635: 2007- Steel static storage system; Adjustable pallet racking guidelines for safe use. EN 15878 -Steel Static Storage System - Adjustable pallet racking - Terms and definition


The components are manufactured from superior quality cold rolled/ hot rolled sheets of steel confirming to EN 10025/ EN 10327 with minimum yield stress of 250 N/mm2 and or 420 ys. The corresponding IS code for steel used is IS 10748, IS 513 etc. All fasteners like nuts, bolts are as per IS 1363. The proposed pallet storage system as shown in attached drawing consists of Upright, horizontal & diagonal struts, beams and various components for imparting structural stability to the entire system. The uprights frames are fastened to floor using base plate and anchor fasteners. The unique features of each components is described below System Description


The upright is 10/12 bend roll formed section manufactured on precision roll forming line to ensure uniform profile without any twist. The uprights are powder coated on automated line. The uprights have slots at 50mm pitch. Accurate Punching making sure of load transfer to land and increases the life span of the overall products.

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