Nilkamal Pallet Storage System


The base plate is powder coated with provision for fixing expansion bolts and dimples for locating shims. The lips are provided for locating the upright which also prevent rotation. 5 hooks for proper fitting Thickness 4 mm. High Quality powder coating with a medium coating thickness of 50┬Ám. Hook Connector The beams are Box type construction made with by roll forming. The beams are manufactured from single sheet having twin top profiles using latest technology. The twin top design offer maximum resistance to torsional failure. The twin top design also does not require continuous welding throughout the length of the beams and only the hook connectors have to be welded to the beams. Beam with hook connector The struts are made of C-Section with four bends. The struts are galvanized type. These provide the stability to the uprights. Diagonal and Horizontal Struts

All fasteners supplied will be electro-galvanized conditions confirming to IS codes. Hardware

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