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In fact, he doesn’t refer to himself as a magician, but rather a card mechanic. His act demonstrates the reasons why, as he puts it, “you don’t play cards with strangers.” He shows how card cheats can deal from underneath the top card so deftly you can’t even perceive what’s happening. He manipulates a deck in so many ways you’d be forgiven for mistaking he can make cards levitate. While Turner’s feats are remarkable on their own, the fact that he’s developed these skills with failing eyesight is inspirational. One of AZCOMP’s core values is seeing challenges as opportunities, which we call “chasing Mavericks.” Richard Turner is a person who’s chased Mavericks his entire life. Despite challenges most would find insurmountable, Turner never once considered that he couldn’t become an expert card mechanic. Instead, he pursued his goal relentlessly. That’s no magic trick. It’s the power of the human spirit. If we all had the drive and fortitude of Richard Turner, there’s no telling what we could accomplish. By Ethan RICHARD TURNER’S INCREDIBLE VISION

Imagine being so skilled with a deck of cards you could organize an entire deck in order without anyone at the table realizing what you’re doing. Imagine being able to move cards at will, so you can amaze and astound onlookers with feats that appear supernatural. Richard Turner can do both of these with ease. He’s also a black belt in karate. Oh, and he’s been legally blind since he was 9 years old, though he would quibble with that distinction. “I have no sight, but I don’t call myself blind,” Turner says, “because I see things in ways that other people can’t see.” Turner has developed his sense of touch to such a refined degree that he can feel the markings on the faces of cards. To the untrained eye, it looks positively impossible, but Turner doesn’t pretend he’s creating illusions or doing anything magical.

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