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THE YELLOW BIKE When Gifts Last a Lifetime

When I think of amazing gifts, a certain yellow BMX bike with no training wheels is the first thing that comes into my head. My uncle gave me this bike for Christmas when I was 5 years old, and it remains the greatest present I’ve ever received. My eyes lit up like the lights on our Christmas tree. I’d never had a bike before, which meant that year, my uncle was better than Santa. I was to-the-moon excited, and from the moment I laid eyes on the bike, all I wanted to do was take it for a spin. There was one small problem: I didn’t know how to ride a bike. Thankfully, my dad was more than happy to help. My new bike didn’t have training wheels, so I jumped into the deep end the moment I gripped those handlebars. I remember how my heart pounded when I started practicing. Dad held tight to the back of my seat, keeping the bike balanced as I got a hang of the pedals. After practicing a few times, I started to move faster than I ever had before. My dad let go of the bike, but I didn’t fall. Instead, I was soaring! Turns out my uncle gave me two gifts that year — a great bike and a bonding experience with my dad. When you’re a kid, your first bike is a symbol of freedom. Learning to ride a bike means you can go places faster and over a greater distance than you ever could before. I spent the following summer outside every day, riding my bike around to play with the other kids in the neighborhood. Over time, I would grow up and trade my bike for a car, but I never lost my love of

cycling. It’s a skill that sticks with you the rest of your life. As an adult, I still bike, and it’s a big part of my routine to stay fit and healthy. That Christmas, my uncle gave me my favorite present of all time, and it just happened to be fitness related. Today, I meet a lot of people around the holidays who want to give their loved ones the gift of good health and physical fitness. I spoke with a woman recently whose husband wanted to get back into shape, but didn’t know where to start. During the holiday season, the gift packages we offer can serve as that starting point. All those years ago, my uncle probably didn’t think about the lifetime of physical fitness he was giving me along with that bike. He just knew how excited I would be and how much fun I would have riding with my friends. But learning how to ride a bike became a valuable skill I used for the rest of my life. Physical fitness starts with mastering the basic movements. Whether someone needs a personal trainer, wants to learn how to move better, or wants to get back into running or biking, learning the right way to move is the first step.

-Bryan Wisdom


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