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This month, as parents prepare for their children to don graduation gowns and place those awkward, square- shaped hats on their heads, there is another important holiday that my team at Smart Real Estate Coach doesn’t want families to forget: Father’s Day! Long before I became a dad myself, Father’s Day was still an extremely important holiday for me. My dad has always played an influential role in my approach to both business and life, and he still does. Some of my greatest memories with Dad involve flying. He had his pilot’s license, so on the weekends, he and I would wake up early, pack our things into his aircraft, and fly to the Cape for breakfast. The trip was short — only an hour or so each way — and Dad would sometimes let me take a turn at the wheel. Because he was there, I was never fully flying solo, but those early experiences finding my own wings are especially memorable. In addition to being a superb pilot, my dad has owned and operated two businesses in his lifetime. He inherited

the first business from his father in the 1960s. After working for several years to successfully grow the company, he sold it in 1991. Shortly after, a close friend he did business with passed away. After speaking with his friend’s wife, he realized the business was likely to flounder unless he purchased it. In the end, he worked with his friend’s wife to keep the company profitable until they both determined it was time to sell in 1995. “I grew up in the family business. Even as a kid, I remember being inspired by the entrepreneurial motivation my dad displayed every day.” I grew up in the family business. Even as a kid, I remember being inspired by the entrepreneurial motivation my dad displayed every day. He would wake up in the morning with the intention to do

good — to do better than the day before — and as a business owner myself, I constantly strive to do the same. I’ve certainly followed in my dad’s footsteps in the way I run a business. I even brought my family in to help, just like he did. If you’ve read through the past editions of this newsletter, you know both Nick and Kayla started working with their mom and me early on. I know how much I learned by doing the same with my own parents, so any time my kids sought to offer their help, I encouraged it. Now that my dad has (finally!) retired at age 79, after spending the greater part of his life fulfilling his entrepreneurial dreams, I think he is still trying to figure out what to do with all his free time. For now, he spends all the time he can with family, especially playing with his great-grandson.

To my dad and all the other hardworking dads out there, happy Father’s Day!

-Chris Prefontaine



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